Friday, October 06, 2006

Paul Revere Rides!

Once again, Paul Revere rides. It's one if by land and two if by sea! But, in the blogosphere, it's only a click away. Several of us, spurred on by the Baron and Dymphna as well as Fjordman (posting at the Gates of Vienna) are working to bring our thoughts and ideas together in a workable fashion. We are mostly in agreement regarding the slippery slope Western Civilization has been on lately beginning with its insane rant of multiculturalism and all cultures being equal or morally equivalent. What rubbish! Do we in the West dress our women in shrouds; do we mutilate them; do we chop off heads in the town square? Cultures are not morally equivalent. Period. I also want to send you to Vicktorya who writes at Liberating Propaganda. Vicktorya is so wonderfully irreverent that one could only hope to emulate her humor, her enthusiasm, and her zest for engaging those who would have us bow down to their god. Vicktorya will not go quietly into that good night and probably not too easily into a dirty night shirt either. Vicktorya is busily setting about organizing aspects of this combined effort. The 910 Group sprang to life when several of us just one day up and asked, "Okay. That's the theory; now what actions can we take, no matter how humble?" It was as though the ethers had been waiting for someone to dare to ask the question. With baited breath we asked and the answers poured out like water from an artisan well, cool, clear, and in abundance. Our goal now is to prioritize them, manage what is workable on an individual level and what needs/requires greater cohesion. This energy has been waiting to be tapped. We are working on the focus. We envision many branches ebbing and flowing as the work is needed. We envision folks putting their energy where they are most comfortable. For myself, I envision a Western Culture that is no longer ashamed of itself; a culture that is not plagued with White Guilt so aptly discussed by Shelby Steele in his book by that title. The shame in White Guilt is the shame of the liberal elite who wish to make all of us feel shame. Well, I ain't buyin' it. As one commenter said at Gates of Vienna, Western Culture is my culture, warts and all. I'd stack it up against any of the potentates of poverty and their third world cultures at the UN any day of the week.


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