Saturday, September 30, 2006

Jumping Jihadi - No thongs on beaches of France

Friends, it's time to put and end to this tip-toeing around the delicate sensitivities of the Islamicfacists who are so tolerant they want to chop off our heads with a sword. A French professor under police guard; orders from the Mullahs of Mecca to execute the Pope; a mosque being built in Regents Park, London; Muslim women walking around the streets of the West in shrouds; honor killings; Sharia Law ordained lunch programs in public schools; a nun killed in Somalia over a quotation the Pope used in a speech; Danish cartoons censored, world-wide; egocentric Muslim men rioting here and there across the globe. Churches being burned and desecrated; Jewish cemeteries defiled. Come on, folks. It's one thing to respect a person's right to have their own religious beliefs and to be able to practice their religion in peace. It is quite another thing entirely to allow that "view" to distort and corrupt your civilization. If 12 cartoons caused such an adolescednt response (not to mention murderous), then print 12,000. A time-honored tradition of the West has been humor. We laugh at ourselves in wild abandon. Why? Well, it breaks the tension for one thing. Also, we can be down right funny. Nothing makes us stop, step back, and say, "Gee, I'm acting the fool" than a good old-fashioned slap-stick bit of humor. Laugh a little. Anybody remember The Beverly Hillbillies, or Archie Bunker, or Chico and the man? If ya can't laugh at yourself and you're so uptight you want to go out and kill people because a thousand years or so ago somebody said Mohammed directed his followers to spread Islam by the sword, take an enema. Good gawd a'mighty! But to see the French cowed to the point of repressing their beautiful women. It is a sacrilege. Come on, dear Frenchmen! What will be next? Mona Lisa in a veil?


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