Saturday, September 30, 2006

N-word in VA Senatorial Race - Pahleeze!

The use of the N-word as proscribed speech would be interesting if it were not so hypocritical coming from the “group” of folks it is supposedly besmirching. When you walk along the boardwalk during the summer months, if you happen to come upon a group of black youth, you will here the N-word used with any manner of pejorative adjectives. For anyone from another planet who does not know, the N-word refers to the term, “nigger”. In the USA, the land of censorship, hurt feelings, and exceedingly thin skin, only 13% of the entire population of 300,000,000 people is allowed to use the N-word. Senator George Allen is being pilloried about the head and shoulders for allegedly having used the N-word thirty or thirty-five years ago. This he denies and rightly so. His opponent, Jim Webb, is now accused of having done more than saying the N-word. He is accused of having gone on KKK-like terrorizing jaunts when just a mere lad in his early-twenties studying at USC. According to the “story”, he and a few non-racists buddies would pile into their car, brandish “wooden” rifles at black folk in Watts and race off into the night, jeering and laughing at their bravery in “pickin’” on the black folk. That was until a group of black youth decided to call the “white boys” bluff and trounce the daylights out of them. His response to the question, “Mr. Webb, did you ever use the N-word?” was my favorite (paraphrased here), “You couldn’t be brought up in the South at that time and not have said that word.” Hold on a minute, fella. I was brought up in the South and we (my family) never used the term, “nigger”. Certainly we didn’t use it for its denigrating meaning, and also because it is just an ugly, ugly word all by itself. Mr. Webb, I hear, also wrote a novel that is replete with the N-word among others. For Mr. Webb, that is literary license not having anything to do with his personal attitudes. As you may recall, for Mark Furhman, the use of the N-word in dialogue for a script in the planning stages was used essentially to allow a really good candidate for a heinous double-murder to go free. We are comforted that this man is now free to search eternally for the murderer. The hysterics in Virginia over the alleged use of the N-word is embarrassing to that great state and to the people Senator Allen has served for twenty years in elected office. But let’s take a moment and look at the use of the N-word by two illustrious leaders of the Democrat Party. One, Senator Robert Byrd of West Virginia. Can you recall the good Senator’s rant one day about “niggers and how he could tell the difference between black niggers and white niggers”? I couldn’t believe it. I thought surely someone would call in the strong men with the butterfly netting. And then there is our memorable President Lyndon Baines Johnson. You’ll have to do the research on this but I read in a Johnson biography that one of his daughters often called her valet/attendant, her “nigger”. Charming, is it not? Not to be out done, President Johnson made what seems now to be a fortuitous statement after the passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. I’ll paraphrase his not-oft remembered words, “Well, with this bill, we’ve got the nigger vote for the next two hundred years.” (for the Democrat Party – never mind that it was the Democrats who set up filibusters against the passage of the bill and the Republicans who made the passage of the bill possible.) Was Johnson a prophet? No. He knew his audience. I don’t recall that high moral ground quotation being thrashed to death in the mainstream media (MSM). Not only in Virginia but throughout the nation, we have to be alert to the fact that, no matter how reprehensible some speech can be, we are in fact giving away our freedom of speech. I say, let the person say what he feels. That way we know where he stands. If Senator Byrd wants to scream “white nigger” from the rafters of the Senate chamber, I say let him. When I see that silver-haired gentleman reach for his little copy of the Constitution of the United States to lecture us on its meaning, I know where he really stands. In Virginia, let’s remain focused on the issues that could alter the course of our lives and the course of our nation. To be clear, I do not represent Senator Allen and I do not speak for him. I can only reference positions he has held through his votes in the Senate and through his work as our Governor. Senator Allen is firm in wanting to secure and maintain our national sovereignty. He has stated over and over again that he does NOT believe in rewarding people who break our laws. As our Senator and as our Governor, Senator Allen has devoted himself to the good of the people he serves. Senator Allen is an American strong in his loyalty to our nation. He will not let us down. He works for all Virginians. Let Mr. Webb’s folks “tar and feather” Senator Allen. To me, their behavior just shows me how small-minded they are, how little they think of the citizens of Virginia, and how very afraid they are of the Honorable Senator George Allen.


Blogger Francis W. Porretto said...

I think the subject of "forbidden words" has gone unanalyzed for far too long, don't you?

12:00 PM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

Hi, yes, it is the worst kind of censorship. When people censor themselves simply due to good manners, then we have a civilized society. When words are proscribed, we have tyranny. For me, one issue is that it is creeping upon us. We, some of us, thought that when Hill and Bill left the WH, we'd regain some sense of normalcy. No such luck. Too bad really. Are you doing a study of "forbidden words"?

8:45 PM  

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