Saturday, September 30, 2006

MSM Monopolies control free flow of communications

First, a Hat Tip to the Baron at the Gates of Vienna for his excellent post on The Emperor is naked. That post was the inspiration for the comments that follow. Most of the "free world" has enshrined the notion of a free press, the free reporting of news, and the free interchange of ideas. An aspect of that "freedom" presupposes that the news is freely exchanged. The reality today is far different than the view held by our Founding Fathers. Today, international conglomerates control what we hear, see, and have access to in the form of newsprint. My local hometown newspaper is owned by the Chicago Tribune. I'm a thousand miles or more away from Chicago yet the slant of our local paper has gone from regionally conservative to decidedly liberal and anti-just about everything strong family conservative folks regardless of ethnicity believe in. The MSM (mainstream media) is controlled by 5-6 major international companies. It is my understanding that a Saudi Prince (think Wahabbi Muslim here) owns 5% of Fox News. Not much you say. More than enough, I say. Too much. Conglomerates have no national identity or national loyalty. They are faceless and ownership is open to anyone, any where with the money to buy in. And he who controls the purse-strings, controls the network of communications - what articles get published, what novels are published, what letter to the editor gets into print, what programs are to be seen on television. Middle-eastern TV news oulets have headquarters in Washington, D.C. Channels of communication so vital to America's national interests are working against us each second of every day pounding negative perspectives into us over and over again. So, I ask you, "How do we break up these monopolies? How do we bring a fair playing field into the realm of idea interchange?" Congress broke up Ma-Bell (AT&T) with anti-trust laws, I believe. Are the international conglomerates too large, too powerful to be brought down to size so that we can regain our "freedom of the press"? Think about it.


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