Thursday, August 31, 2006

Training for Jihad - Wahhabi Schools in USA

We are wrong to be so narrowly focused. We tend to think of jihadist training camps in the desserts of Libya, Syria, Iran, Afghanistan, and others. We are ill advised to be so narrowly focused. According to an article "The Wahhabi Invasion of America" by Mark Silverberg, approximately 30,000 youth between the ages of 6-17 are attending madrassas/generally Wahhabi schools in the United States of America today. Similarly, Saudi Arabia has funded schools for Wahhabi indoctrination to the tune of 87 billion dollars worldwide. Madrassas are located, according to Silverberg in 9 cities in the US: "Los Angeles, San Francisco, Fresno, Chicago, New York, Washington, Tucson, Raleigh, N.C., and Toledo, Ohio." These schools focus on indoctrination into Wahhabism, a form of Islam. According to Silverberg, "America, perhaps due to the inherent openness of its society is the only country outside Saudi Arabia where the Islamic establishment is actually under Wahhabi control." Freedom of religion is one thing. Looking the other way as foreign governments strive to indoctrinate youth, many native-born American youth, with the purpose of undermining our way of life through subtle changes from secular law to Shariah Law or more violently through destabilization through terrorist cells is quite another. I have discussed in a previous post that Islam is not a religion but an amalgamation of ideologies couched under the guise of religion. It is at our peril that we consider Islam a benign religion just like another sect of Christianity with a few little doctrinal differences thrown in. It is at our peril that we ignore the threat imposed by Islamic Imperialism whether waged through the "war on terror" or through more subtle means such as the visa programs and suing to be covered for a driver'’s license picture. None of this "‘migration"’ is unplanned or unsupported. The goal of Islam seems to be to influence a nation'’s politics; the goal is world domination by Islamic Imperialism. I have long held that Islam and all facets of it are not compatible with our ideals of individual freedom and responsibility. There is no good to come from us trying to live side-by-side with Islam in America. A peaceful coexistence is not Islam'’s aim. We fail to appreciate that at our peril. We should implement the following at the very least: 1) No foreign money should be allowed into our nation for the building and funding of Wahhabi Schools; 2) End all dual citizenships for everyone; (No one should be able to vote in elections in America and in the elections of other nations too.) 3) Place a moratorium on all immigration from nations that support terrorist groups or that fund terrorist-supporting charities. 4) End all visas (student and otherwise) for people coming here from any nation-state that sponsors any groups hostile to our interests or intent on influencing our politics. We must get the money that supports the schools and schools designed to undermine our way of life out of the country. We can do that together. And we can do it one letter; one phone call; one blog entry at a time. Be brave; be awake; be active; contact your representatives. Wringing of the hands, gnashing of the teeth is not the way to go. . Take a look at Taking Sides and the declaration found there. Review the declaration and determine the aspects that you can carry to your representatives, not in total, just the parts that are most important to you. Taking Sides can carry the entire message but for the pieces and parts, you can help. Contact your representatives but go with something in hand. We must give our elected officials some ideas to work with. God bless Western Civilization! Hip, hip, hooray! No appeasement with terrorists; not now, not ever!


Blogger Mr Minority said...


Mr Minority

7:24 PM  
Blogger felix said...

Hi Beachgirl,
Thanks for the PR!

8:36 PM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

Glad to do it!

9:55 PM  
Blogger B29 said...

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7:31 PM  
Blogger B29 said...

If only commies had enough brains, they would have declared communism a “Religion of peace”, Karl Marx a God and Lenin his Profet. Our kids would study “The Manifesto” at school and write essays…

7:34 PM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

B29, think if Hitler had declared some of his programs "religions", admittedly they had "integrity" in terms of calling themselves what they were, not disguising themselves into something they weren't. Doesn't always work though, look at David Kiresh(sp) and his Branch Davidians.

9:58 PM  

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