Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Has the Hyphen undermined Western Civilization?

The enemy was at the gate. The hoards of armed warriors held firm in their battle-ready positions to over-run the walls of the city... But these battle-hardened warriors couldn't hold a candle to the mighty, mighty hyphen. The hyphen can't storm a wall, can't face off enemy tanks and armies. The hyphen, however, can divide and conquer the most formidable culture and civilization. The hyphen succeeds through the ideology of "divide and conquer". The hyphen pits one hyphen against another hyphen. The hyphen turns on it's heels the idea of people being knowing and accepted by the "content of their character and not by the color of their skin." Regardless of my personal feelings of Martin Luther King, Jr., the goal shared across ethnic lines was to unite the citizens of a nation. After all of that work and sacrifice, we now see it being undone by the tiny hyphen. The hyphen has done more to tear America apart in the past 40 years than any external force could have accomplished.... To be continued.....


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