Friday, September 01, 2006

The Use of Hyphens - Rude

Grumpy Beach Girl here! Ernesto is blowing through bringing mucho, mucho rain. Nearly the extent of my Spanish language skills. Thought I'd drop it on you all at once. Using hyphens to characterize yourself is rude and insulting not to mention segregationist. Have you noticed: There is a Black Caucus in Congress but J.C.Watts could not join. There is a Hispanic Caucus in Congress. There is a Progressive Caucus for those with a more acute case of Socialismitis. Today it is in vogue to identify oneself with an ethnic group but to me some of that is insulting and it certainly places the individual's rights under the rights of the group. Individual rights as in "all men are created equal" as in under the law. Now we have monster money making machines that reduce individual rigths to parity with the group. Perhaps that is one reason Americans of African ancestry have such a difficult time moving out of the Socialist-Democrat model when they strive to be individuals with brains not part of the tribal-herd group. When you identify with the group, you marginalize yourself as an individual. You limit yourself. The insult to me comes when a person says, "I'm xyz...." Well, yes! You exhibit physical characteristics peculiar to your "group". So do I. It is insulting to me that you would think I'm not able to recognize that. You are profiling yourself and slapping me in the face at the same time. Way to go! In this day and age of terrorist threats, herd mentality, kill the infidel, and such, I really don't care about your ethnicity. I've got your back. What I want to know is do you have mine? Again, I ask,"Are you an American or a hyphen?" Please, take that hyphenated chip off your shoulder. Think of the hyphen as a perforation in cardboard. It is meant to divide. I say we stand together, seal up the hyphens. When the chips are down, do we stand together? Do you think the men, women, and children on Flight 93 fighting for their lives against the Islamofacist terrorists cared about the hyphen? God bless America! Check your hyphen at the door!


Blogger John said...

Thank you Beach Girl!! The hyphen thing started a while back, and I've always thought of it, the hyphen, as a way to set yourself aside from being an American. We did not see the Italians, Germans, Irish putting hyphens in their names, they became AMERICANS.

5:34 PM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

Thank you. They also don't seem to carry some kind of "oppressed" victim self-loathing with them either. Curious thing, is it not?

5:47 PM  

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