Tuesday, September 26, 2006

What's in progress: McCain or The Sanctity of Life

Depending on the news of the day, two posts are in progress. One is tentatively titled, Why I will not vote for John McCain for president. The second one, which could be posted any time regardless of the season, is The Sanctity of Life. To me, the second topic is diametrically opposed to how the Left has tried to kill Western Civilization - mostly by being ashamed of our success and failing to get us to all be ashamed, then making "the right" of women to kill their unborn children into a political issue supported, of course, by the abortion lobby and the money these folks generate (much of which comes from our tax dollars). While I'm ranting a moment, I believe that the illegal alien invasion we are experiencing today is also (among a myriad of reasons) filling the vacuum we have created through the 40,000,000+ abortions we have allowed since 1973. That's right, 40,000,000 American citizens-to-be killed by us. It's horrifying when you think of it. Actually, it is a nightmare. If you look at it coldly, one could say that it is in the interest of the state (as in States' Rights) to protect its unborn citizens-to-be. Those little pre-born babies weren't going to grow to be red wood trees, my friends. Then if one wants to be really cold, one could say, "Well, yes, but the state also has the right/interest in decreasing it's welfare costs." Does the state then engage in selective annihilation of its pre-born? It is a slippery, immoral slope any way you look at it. I know there are "reasons" for some abortions. I have just never been able to reconcile abortion on demand at any age with the principle of the Sanctity of Life.


Blogger Steve Harkonnen said...

I view abortion in America as our own little Holocaust. Think of what might have been, the crimes committed against humanity.

Abortion is the darling of jealous and intolerant bull dykes that can't have children of their own, don't want to be inseminated, or would dread to even be seen pregnant in public. That would take away their manhood.

8:56 AM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

Steve, as horrific as that view is, I believe it is even worse than that. In terms of "our own little Holocaust", if the numbers are even close to correct, we have "killed" well over 3-4 times the people killed in Germany by "he who shall remain nameless". Of course, they were people and, like Terri Schiavo (sp) could be starved to death and dehydrated until their skin peeled off.

Makes me sick. But then, it was Terri's plight that started me writing again. I have a very bad idea for a bumper sticker - Can't afford divorce, vote J... B.....

2:24 PM  
Blogger Pofarmer said...

Abortion is one of those things the left has foisted upon us. What polls I've seen consistently show it to have little actual support. The numbers I can remember show above 80% think abortion is morally wrong. Why the left has to make this their central cause is beyond me. It hurts Democrats in moderate states and I beleive it's one of the things that's driven the party so far off center.

1:07 AM  
Blogger Steve Harkonnen said...

Looking back my wording should have been "our own massive" instead of "our own little." You're right about that.

11:58 AM  

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