Wednesday, September 27, 2006

War for survival of Islam?

I'm rather confused about how a political/religious ideology of over 1 billion people is threatened but let's continue. In Consent to Kill, by Vince Flynn, a bereaved father says, "Are we not in a war for the survival of islam?" Just exactly when did the West begin a war that threatens the survival of Islam? Was it perhaps when we defended ourselves, finally, after the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon? Is the establishment of fledgling democracies in Afghanistan and Iraq (both based in Sharia Law) the "war" against Islam? If the answer is "yes", then we must accept that Islam is not a religious ideology in isolation. It is a geopolitical ideology whose goal is world domination. (see Bubba's Pravda, Mullah World Order. You'll need to scroll down.). The "religious" aspects are simply surrender to the tribal leaders and the annihilation of the self, of individual identity, of all freedoms as we know them in the West. Unless we - the West - are to be driven into a defensive posture that will result in a world conflagation none of us want, we must see Islam, certainly as depicted by leading mullahs, as virulent in its aims as any other totalitarian regime that has existed. Call it any "ism" you like. The bottom line is Sharia Law. Surrender to the caliphate. Not interested. Are you? We must be relentless in beating back the slow, incremental encroachment. (see Adversus Monstrum, article entitled: British cemeteries going Muslim.) The mullahs are saying what they mean and meaning what they say. We need to take them at their word.


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