Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Average Gay Joe's Blog - Byzantium 2006

Was checking out the Gates of Vienna and the Baron has linked to Average Gay Joe's site. If my link doesn't work, please try it at the Baron's. Average Gay Joe has put together a video on the Pope and the "tolerant" reactions of the Muslim world. Also a great history lesson in a few minutes. When you see it on the map, you might get the idea how insidious the march of islam is. Yes, from no more Fatwa Fridays at the Dealership in Columbus to the Pope having his speeches approved by the Mullahs of Mecca, the heavy Sword of Censorship is descending upon us. And in its wake is Sharia Law. What the Muslims were unable to do on the battlefield at the Gates of Vienna, today, they are working to accomplish through our insane immigration laws and through political correctness or as Michael Savage says, political cowardice. Click over to see what Average Gay Joe has to say. He did a great job. We need to pay attention and take action as appropriate within our sphere of influence.


Blogger John said...

Thank you for the praise, but I didn't make this video. I put a link in the original post to the site it comes from, but I updated my post today to make it clearer. I usually post good videos when I find them but almost all were created by others. I'll have more that I've found soon. Sorry for the confusion but I do have to agree: they did an EXCELLENT job!!! God bless.

8:40 PM  

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