Monday, September 25, 2006

Latte, a biscuit, and commentary!

Several items in the news may be interesting in light of all the really bad news on islamofascism, the invasion of illegals. And of course, our Congressional campaigns are now getting into the "I'm gonna dig his heart with a spoon to keep him from robbin' your poor mama of ten cents of her food money." First, here is a candidate whose adds are great, funny, and he's a stand-up guy. I have no affiliation with the campaign, just think you'll like his radio and TV adds. He is running to represent the Winston-Salem, NC area. Here's to Vernon Robinson for waging a great and humorous campaign. A few articles can brighten you day and can affirm that Liberals are indeed attaining their world-wide goal of destroying everyone but themselves:
  • The first, Constitutional 101 a federal mandate. Can you imagine, our school systems have done such a great job of teaching our youth that the Congress has to mandate the teaching the Constitution of the United States of America to federal employees? Now, that's remedial training. Why not make it manditory training for teachers? The ones who can read English of course. (apologies - Constitutions are being printed in the 200+ languages spoken in US.)
  • In a follow-up of the fine Liberal policies of "affirmative action", seems like caste systems are out rather wacky in India as quota systems are ensuring that students will be admitted to colleges and universities, NOT based on academic skill, language proficiency, or merit of any kind. Noooo, can't have that in the "everyone-is-stupid-as-stupid-can-be, everyone's- stupid-like-me utopia" of Liberalism.
  • It has been suggested that if you don't want to fight a nation, arms, deaths, bombing, all that sort of thing, just turn Liberalism on them. Hey, look at Europe and the once proud nations with industrious, creative citizens. What's funny in India is that it is the desire to eradicate caste that is doing them in. The brahmin clean toliets; the untouchables become the doctors; and a new lower class is formed by the very laws designed to eliminate the castes. A revolution fostered through legislation. How dumb are we humans anyway?
  • On the home-front of morals and integrity we have: Producer accuses Clintons of 'looting'. On a personal note, I was glad the Senators' desks on the floor of the Senate are bolted down into the floor. Just conjuring up the image of the Esteemed Junior Senator from New York on all four paws unscrewing the bolts to lift the chair was a funny image. But she'll need that chair in her presidential library. Isn't that a sweet thought - Bill and Hill with matching presidential libraries? Now that is ugly....
More later. Your Conservative Beach Girl ranting, editorializing commentator out for a few....


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