Monday, August 28, 2006

Straight from the Heart - Election time in the USA

I'm going to write straight from my heart about our up-coming elections and our nation, and to that extent with the saving of part of Western Civilization. It has to do with moving forward and not listening to the platitudes of the recent past. The issue is illegal immigration. I urge you to support people who support securing our borders. With the flood of illegal immigrants entering the nation, Americans on the lower end of the economic scale are paying through depressed wages and decreasing benefits from employers, and lost jobs. There is no job Americans won't do to provide for their families and to support their nation. The middle class is paying through lost jobs, through higher taxes, and through the decrease in services - how many hospitals have closed in California as an example? How many trauma care units have closed in Arizona, New Mexico, Texas? A city in Idaho is suing the federal government to recover the cost of providing health care and other services to the burgeoning mass of illegals. I am concerned about several issues as my visitors know: the sovereignty of our nation, the protection of our border, the plight of our native-born American poor (not talking about "anchor babies" here), the survival of Israel as a nation with the right to exist and flourish, and the intrusion of Islamic influence into our national politics, as well as that of Europe. I see our national heritage and culture as well as cohesiveness through one language being eroded. In defense of his stand against closing our borders, I have even heard one congressman say, "We are all illegal immigrants?" Really? Our Border Patrol and others are fighting for their lives to protect our nation. Two of our agents have been hauled into court, found guilty all on the word of a Mexican-national who was here illegally, shot in the process of committing a crime, and given immunity from prosecution to testify against our agents. Now that person is suing us for a violation of his civil rights. While my friends tell me there is nothing that I can do about any of it, my heart rebels. I will send what little money I can spare to the Minutemen to build their border fence. I will send a few dollars to brave candidates like Vernon Robinson in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. And I will pray that the native-born American poor and the middle class will vote for the candidates who want to secure our borders and the futures of our children. This is not the time for the poor to vote for the party who will hand out government money to subsidize their daily expenses. The cost of that trade is too dear. To secure our future, candidates who voted against the Senate's Amnesty - Permanent Guest Worker Citizenship Bill, and those who supported the House Bill to secure our borders deserve out support. I appreciate our history as a nation of immigrants but assimilation (if the current illegals even want to do that) takes a long time. Frankly, Mexico is pushing its citizens into our nation at a rate far greater than anything we have ever sustained before in the way of immigration. From the marches demanding rights and protestors waving Mexican flags in our faces, it appears that many among the current illegals want little to do with becoming Americans. The outcome of this election portends trends for the United States of America and perhaps the further weaking of Western Civilization generally. There is hope however because Britain and others are beginning to see the folly of open-immigration policies and of "one-size-fits-all" multiculturalism. While the elites long for the death of the West, we (you and I) everywhere in the free world are not enemies. We all want good for our children. And that desire extends beyond those of us in the so-called free world. We can be citizens of England, Italy, Australia, India, Israel, France, Germany, Russia, anywhere - in our hearts we want good futures for our children. Rampant illegal immigration is not the way to achieve that good, either for us or for the illegal immigrants. It may seem so on the surface but when the illegals have been bought for a free education, free housing, a few bucks here and there, and seemingly free medical, they will find that the few pickings left on the carcass won't be enough to sustain even them. Please support your Representative and Senators who voted to secure our borders and to follow our Constitution. For that support alone, I must give them my vote.


Blogger Mr Minority said...


Mr Minority

4:35 PM  
Blogger B29 said...

Guys, all the first generation Americans I met, and there are a lot of them in hi-tech, all these Indian, Polish, Russian, Chinese, Israeli and Brazilian software developers, engineers analysts and military men feel duped and betrayed by our spineless politicians. Feel discounted and humiliated. You spend great deal of time and money to comply with all the legal requirements, you got in, work hard, pay taxes, contribute to the country's scientific and technical advancements, learn English and in due time take the oath to the American flag and constitution. You should see the faces of people when they receive their certificates. I was once in this crowd too. What native Americans take for granted, naturalized US citizen know real value of. The first time you come from abroad with American passport and hear "Welcome home!" at the airport, the tears are real! We know who built and defended this country and we all want our children and grandchildren feel proud, say "I am an American" and mean it. And that means - speak one language, share the same values, defend the freedom and liberty and uphold the law of the land and the Constitution. And you can’t uphold the law without controlling the borders.
God bless you.

10:46 PM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

Back at you, B29. Work to control our borders. Thanks.

4:25 PM  

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