Saturday, August 26, 2006

Death of the West - The Choice is ours...

Death to the West, coming soon to a theatre near you? Not necessarily... Pat Buchanan's book, A State of Emergency, is a masterpiece that deserves a read no matter what side of the political spectrum one may be on. The book has value to all nations comprising Western Civilization. Read the last chapter first. This chapter has recommendations for the defense of Western Civilization both in the United States of America and Europe from Denmark to Spain, from Italy to England, and all nations in between. From Mr. Buchanan's book, on page 2, bottom of the page, we read, "What the Danube and the Rhine were to Rome, the Rio Grande and Mediterranean are to America and Europe, the frontiers of a civilization no longer defended." Chilling words. But with this "death of the west" comes not only the loss of Western Civilization as we know it: the culture, the art, the freedoms. Another loss will be the loss of a society relatively free from rather devastating diseases. With the hoards of people entering our borders, come numerous diseases - some new to our land, some getting a renewed chance. I, for one, do not want to go gently into the new age of darkness. I emplore you to read Mr. Buchanan's book. While some of the elites may scoff at an "Old Europe", and others may say, "Australia will be fine way down under," I'm not so sure. Still, I have faith that the bonds of culture and civilization will out. How do we get a grip on the benign neglect we know surrounds us?


Blogger felix said...

Hi Beach Girl,
Appreciate the feedback. I will link to your site too.

Re Pat Buchannan's book, which I have not read, I agree that we need to build a fence along the entire Mexican border. Also think we need a national ID system using biometric fingerprints (or something like it) so we can determine who is here legally. However, after the fence is built, I favor a legalized guest worker program to the extent one is needed. Re the Mexican culture, I do not necessarily see it as hostile to USA like Islamic culture. But I think that any Mexicans who come here and preach or advocate giving part of our country in the Southwest to Mexico should be deported. That would send the right message. On language, I think if the USA stopped governmental sponsored or encouraged bi-lingualism, the problem would reduce. No more bi-lingual classes, no more voting in Spanish, etc. Go with English immersion in the schools.

Further beachgirl, re Pat Buchannan, so you understand where I am coming from, I regard him as a failed messenger due to his isolationist attitude on US foreign policy and his anti-Israel attitude. I assume the hostility to Israel is based on his dislike of the Jewish religion. BTW, I am not saying he has to like the Jewish religion, but his anti-Israel bias is a constant on his tv and radio appearances.

As to Declaration of War v. Radical Islam, I am not a lawyer, but we need desperately to name the enemy. A consensus is building to deport radical islamists and ban an sharia activities in USA.

9:34 AM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

Thank you, Felix. I do not agree with PB's attitude to Israel (Israel has my full support much to the dismay of my more liberal friends), nor on isolationism. About his voice, to me he has in some ways plundered his voice. I do not see Mexican culture in and of itself hostile to USA. For us, in many ways our language - English - is our culture, as language is for other nations as well. Some concepts, explanations of concepts, do not translate across languages. [simple example is Hopi concept of time and our concept of time]

We are slowly defining the enemy, or rather the enemy is making it impossible for us to remain in denial. Having a bit of overload at the moment, within myself.

I do like the idea of 'declaration' and working through the channels/avenues we have available to bring it or its idea, forward.

11:29 AM  
Blogger B29 said...

I think Felix has a point here. Isolitionism never worked for the USA before and never will, as long as the USA remains a world ultimate power and as long as it wannts to be one.

10:48 PM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

Thank you, gentlemen. We will get there. Felix, once our politicos get through this election rush, I for one will take a closer look at the declaration and write to the elected folks to further get this before them.

12:14 PM  

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