Friday, August 25, 2006

Illegal Immigration Changing America; Aiding Global Terrorism?

I have just started Pat Buchanan's book, A State of Emergency. While I believe his book will be panned as alarmist, I believe his book may be a decade or so too late. Too late both for us and perhaps for our allies. Okay, call me an ego-centered Yank. It is significant to note that, while America is facing terrorist threats, she is now experiencing a much greater threat and that is the re-making of the United States from the one which fought in WWI and WWII alongside the European men and women fighting for their survival against Nazi Germany into a nation that won't even defend itself. We have been a nation with a national language in practice and by vote of Congress decades ago. This unity of language has made the American dream possible. This unity of language has made mobility possible both across the nation and upwardly in the work world. More importantly, this linguistic unity has made us ONE. That unity is fast becoming a thing of the past. Tax dollars are aiding and abetting the Balkanization of the United States into a fragmented collection of segregated regions. For information about government collusion with groups such as 'La Raza', I suggest Michelle Malkin's article 'La Raza' schools: Your Tax Dollars at work. Michelle provides a brief peek at how the government is undermining national identity within as they are putting more law-abiding Americans at risk (physically due to gang violence) throughout the nation. None of the anti-illegal immigration efforts are about "racism". That slander is designed to stifle discussion as well as avoid solutions, rather like the talks about resolutions and sanctions in the UN do. Additionally, like Hezbollah in Lebanon, the Mexican drug cartels operating in the US are laundering money, setting up legal businesses, and perhaps buying politicians as well. I never thought I'd live to see our government systematically support the loss of our nation's sovereignty. I never thought I'd live to see the government support criminal activity (lawlessness) by turning its back on its own citizens - all of them. Up to and including the unwillingness to protect property owners along the border. If anyone could stop it, I believe President Bush could. I believe at heart he is a good and decent man. But he just won't deal with illegal immigration, except through amnesty. Period. He alone has the power to stop the illegal immigration cold, as Pat says. When? Many people have immigrated to America and have assimilated into the fabric of the nation. One telling difference between those Americans and many of the illegals who are literally swarming through the desert into the nation today tells the tale. Many don't want to assimilate - they want to conquer. And these folks are dispersing to cities all over America. They are demanding rights, privileges, their own language, and they are placing unsupportable demands on the social programs, the hospitals, the schools, and general resources and services of these communities. Police departments are being overwhelmed. After you giggle and snicker, "Good on ya, ya racist, bigotted Yankee're gettin' what ya deserve..." give a little thought to what that might mean to you. Something? Nothing? You decide.... We can argue about being in Iraq. We can argue about the war on terrorism. But remember, for whatever the reasons, we have very brave men and women who are fighting and dying and they are not squabbling about the prices of oil. They are fighting because they are Americans defending the principles in which they believe. We have a volunteer military. No one drafted them; no one twisted their arms. What has this to do with our illegal immigration? These military personnel are defending the borders of other nations. They should be home defending their nation's borders. [Many of our Border Patrol are doing the best that they can. Our Minuteman Civilian Defense Corps volunteers are making a difference.] Maybe the war in Iraq has served as a red herring as some suggest; but, if so, it has not diverted attention from the security of the world; it has diverted some Americans from paying attention to the security and sovereignty of their home. The Fox (pun intended) is in the hen house. The elitists are already shouting and screaming - we can assimilate the 40 million or so illegals. They are missing the point. Pat is taking the view of the state of emergency in the US. I am taking a view of the loss of a cohesive people (ethnically diverse but Americans to their core) who were willing to fight on the beaches of Normandy; to fight at the Battle of the Bulge; to die in the fields of France; to fight and die in the mountains of Italy; to fight in the sands of Northern Africa; and yes, to fight in Iraq and Afghanistan. Call us what you will but when the rubber meets the road, our boys and girls suit up. Governments come and go but what happens if the cohesion of the America people is lost? It is our people who are fighting and dying on foreign soil, not our government... And finally, is the invasion of America aiding the efforts of global terrorism?


Blogger Russet Shadows said...

The immigration crisis would have never happened had shared a cohesive self-image. Because two generations of children have not been taught to respect and honor their country (and why!), messes like the Senate bill are allowed to get as far as they have. The sign of a country in decline is an inability or unwillingness to define itself, or its borders. In other words, Rome.

8:16 PM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

Russet Shadows, I'm more than miffed in that we have struggled with integration for nearly 50 years and our government is spending tax dollars to support segregated schools (Malkin's research). During this 50 years, we have destroyed what was one of the best educational systems in the world and lowered the educational standards for everyone. No wonder we are in trouble. No one can read, much less think.

Hope to see you again.

8:46 PM  

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