Monday, June 25, 2007

Immigration and Terrorists in the US: Connect the Dots

Americans, we must all "connect the dots" between the immigration "reform" bill's correlation to the real danger and threat of terrorists, terrorist compounds, and terrorist cells operating within the United States today. (Amnesty is insanity) The Left is not alone in an almost pathological denial of the terrorists who will get legal status if this bill passes - sadly, our President and the "grand bargainers" among the Republican Senators seem in denial as well. In a nutshell - terrorists flew under the radar in 1986, over-stayed visas, and rode the curtails of illegal Mexicans who had crossed the border all the way to citizenship. Do we want to do that again? Can we afford it? For serious immigration reform and to get control of our "illegal alien" problems we must NOT allow terrorists or potential terrorists to slither under the radar and get the prized "pathway to citizenship" our Senate is so poised to give away like Marie Antoinette tossing cake to the peasants - figuratively, of course. Please contact your Senators and Representative and say - NO to amnesty. Perhaps we need immigration reform but we need it in priority steps. We sure don't need this "comprehensive" madness forced down our throat like cod liver oil or more accurately arsenic or cyanide - you get my point. This comprehensive madness is absolutely cultural and national suicide. A friend of mine in nuclear power once said, "We need to break the task down to clearly defined, measurable steps." So here goes, from moi:
1. target all visa-overstays for deportation, no ifs, ands, or butts. Start with people/students from nations that we damn well know support either terror out-right or the spread of virulent Islamism (forgive the redundancy): Saudi Arabia, Syria, Iran, et al. Be ruthless in these deportations - as in our very lives are at stake! Which they are! 2. SECURE our borders today, now, immediately with armed troops if necessary until the fence is built. 3. STOP any and all work and planning with regard to the damnable SPP NAFTA super highway. 4. end immigration, visas of any kind, and any "legal" entry from terror supporting nations, see 1., immediately. 5. deport members of terrorist compounds, whether they became citizens through the our naive "amnesty" bill of 1986 or not. 6. deport ALL criminal illegal alien felons (300,000 estimated) in our prisons. 7. next, target businesses that employ illegal aliens and start cutting back on incentives that draw illegal aliens here and thereby provide cover for the terrorists who are entering the nation disguised as Mexican nationals.
These should be discrete, measurable, and separate steps, some of which can be done simultaneously but clearly by different agencies since Homeland Security can't even tie both shoelaces at the same time without needing protocols, procedures, and approvals to tie each shoelace. A person could stand there with one shoelace tied for months, years, before getting approval to tie the other one. Cut ICE loose and let them do their job. If they need help, deputize IRS personnel. Give them "real" work to do. Turn our brave Border Patrol agents loose to do their job of protecting the nation - surely protecting it more than our illustrious elected officials seem wont to do. The entire issue is about National Security. We can handle the cases of illegal Mexican nationals who have hidden out for years and made lives for themselves after we have completed a few of the more urgent tasks. They create problems as we know but we can work with that. The first task, the first order of priority, is to remove the terrorists and the terrorist sympathizers and the imams who support them. And stop in its tracks one more damn dime coming here from Saudi Arabia to build mosques and islamists' centers. These measurable goals will keep us busy. Once we get these under control, we can go on to the next set of tasks. ~~~~~~~ Two highly important posts: Send links to any of the "wobbly" Senators to stop this immigration bill. * From James Lewis at American Thinker, Flashback: Immigration fraud and the Presidency * From Ace, Preview The Negative Ads That Will Run For Amnesty-Without-Security Proponents Remember, this immigration/amnesty bill gives provisions in the bill permitting violent gang-members and repeat drunk-drivers to get amnesty. Incidentally, labor and some Hispanic groups have now announced their opposition to the comprehensive piece of shit, Hispanics and labor groups oppose bill The Hispanic groups oppose it because they find it unduly harsh and punitive -- a criticism which is not necessarily silly, even by enforcement-first standards. While allowing gang-members to obtain permanent visas, the bill includes some meaningless but annoying provisions -- like the "touchback" provision, requiring amnesty seekers to go back to their home countries for a few hours to apply -- which are supposed to be a sop to enforcement-firsters but actually have nothing at all to do with enforcement. Such provisions just make life difficult for those seeking amnesty, without delivering a lick of enforcement. Good luck, Godspeed, and God bless America!


Blogger falcon_01 said...

I've already written to the senate on this and many other issues. Though we present clearly logical positions, it is so much casting pearls before swine- swine who love pork.
Though given promise of personal response on the submission forms on senators' sites, I have not even gotten a canned reply of "feel-good-compromise-vote-for-me" garbage that others have received when writing on any number of current issues. I have a sinking feeling that it is already too late to keep this sinking ship afloat, and that we must prepare ourselves for the coming tragedies.
Those elected to represent us only represent themselves and either do not see the long term implications of what they are doing, or they see them all too well and encourage them. Which is worse if the outcome is the same?

1:29 PM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

Falcon 1 - yes, our leaders who support this amnesty bill and the opeing of our national highways to mexican trucking firms are whores. We simply have to keep trying.

If they keep on their course, they will prevail but when the "bell tolls" for them, we won't be there. We, like enterprising, responsible folk, will have learned Spanish and moved on. For the North American Union which is their goal, something out of "1984", we will have no loyalty.

We'll be fine. So, we keep our eyes open, our supply of fresh water and canned goods ready, and when the bastards ask for our money, we say, "Sorry, we gave it all away."

3:01 PM  

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