Sunday, June 24, 2007

Being armed now equals a mental disorder?

It isn't as if the government doesn't have enough "busy work" created for itself that it demonstrably cannot accomplish, now they've dreamed up another way to harass law-abiding American citizen. That's right "send a copy of our "mental health" records along with our background check" when we try to purchase a fire arm. I told friends years ago when computers were all the rage that computers or rather "the people who use them" would get every living piece of data about us entered into a kazillion databases. Well, your "prophetic" Beach Girl here is proved right once again. The post from Armed and Christian deserves a good read with close scrutiny. Illegal aliens defined as "Other than Mexican", i.e., likely to be terrorists, get a pass and a $5,000.00 fine, Sec. 131: Mandatory Detention for Aliens apprehended at or between ports of entry. If you've seen a doctor for "anxiety", you get labeled with a "mental disorder." Actually, in our upside-down world, if one hasn't seen a doctor for "anxiety", arguably maybe that could be classified as a "denial pathology." From Armed and Christian: If you don't trust the government, you must be crazy Law-abiding citizens without the benefit of a court order stating that we create "imment danger to others" as was the case of the shooter at Virginia Tech can now be classified as having a mental disorder. We know that "Liberalism is a mental disorder" as stated by Michael Savage but the "disorders" listed in the classifications of "new" mental disorders don't address the disorder of "Liberalism." Hmmm....


Blogger songdongnigh said...

Joe Stalin would be proud. Catch 22 perfected.

9:46 PM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

Yes, Lenin, Marx, Stalin - we're doing them proud. Didn't Kruchev (sp) say something about burying us from within?

It would make me sick if I weren't so busy working against them which doesn't leave much time for beign sick - :) :)

8:01 AM  

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