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Amnesty is insanity and lethal: illegal aliens and the terrorists among us

Amnesty is insanity and lethal: illegal aliens and the terrorists among us have proved that over and over again and we, like the animals scoffing at Henny Penny, turn a deaf ear and a closed eye. Denial of the threat within our borders is so much easier and so much more "compassionate" not to mention so much less troubling to elected folks within the beltway.

For myself, I have finally "connected the dots." And those "dots" began in full force with the amnesty bill of 1986 as the map of the activities of an Islamic militant terrorist group shows. Paul William's Map located at HQ Hancock, NY under the link to Armed Islamic Compounds in US

Dymphna posted last night at The Gates of Vienna, Fox News visits Red House, Va...again. For detailed research on Jamaat ul-Fuqra scan the sidebar just below The 910 Group icon to Jamaat ul-Fuqra and start with any of the posts. Now to the dots...

No elected Senator or Representative should seriously support the Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act of 2007 with its 1,000 pages of law not designed to even go into effect until October 1, 2008 - that's right not even go into effect until October 2008, not be implemented. The Lord only knows when or if it would ever be implemented.

No Senator or Representative who supports this Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act of 2007, a.k.a. Amnesty Bill, should be taken seriously on anything, ever. And everyone of them who votes for this "lethal weapon" locked and loaded, aimed right at the heart of the American people should be rejected by all American voters.

We are way beyond just looking at this as a Mexican invasion or as giving a pathway to citizenship for "nice folks from Mexico who just want to feed their families" and may be trying to learn English. If we don't stop this gamesmanship and stop it now, we won't have our freedoms or security and we'll have much more to worry about than illegal aliens working in meat packing plants.

Credibly, reports of the numbers of illegal aliens in the US today are around 12 - 20 million. More specifically some suggest that about 50% of those are people who have come here legally and over-stayed their visas. So that leaves around 6 to 10 million who have crossed any of our four borders. A friend in Texas who is close to the "action" tells me that an estimated 50% of those border-crossers are from China, Indonesia, Sudan, and the Middle East.

So, as a guess, that leaves 3 to 5 million illegal aliens from nations at serious odds with us and with our way of life even to the point of clearly stating their intentions to destroy us, bomb us, and kill us and our children or subject us to a life of servitude, dhimmitude to their "religion of peace."

So far nothing new unless you connect the staggering numbers of potential terrorists our government is letting into the nation. In other words, connect the dots of the "Other than Mexicans" who are "caught and released." See Sec. 131: Mandatory Detention for Aliens apprehended at or between ports of entry for how the bill intends to handle them and their illegal status. With a wink-wink and a nod-nod because we wouldn't want to offend anyone. No, we'd rather let America moms and dads mourn the murders of their children to bombings. Shameful.

Let me repeat those numbers: 3,000,000 to 5,000,000 illegal aliens, any number of whom can be terrorists. I am leaving out the MS-13 gang members who number about 30,000 across the nation and are reputedly linking up with terrorists factions in the US. But if you are interested, You think illegal immigration is only a border issue? provides links to many crimes associated with MS-13 and Illegal Alien Crime: 100% preventable offers an expanded view with links.

I don't know if the "terrorists among us" really got kicked off with Jimmy Carter and the fall of the Shaw of Iran to the radical Islamists under Muslim Ayatollah Khomeini, in the late-1970s, or whether they got their footing with the amnesty of 1986. What I do know is that a "terrorist" group named Jamaat ul-Fuqra, the Community of the Impoverished according to documents from the Colorado Attorney's Office, began successfully prosecuting members of a fundamentalist Sufi-militant Islamic sect known as "JAMAAT UL FUQRA" in the late 1980s. See one document here.

Further, from this one document, "Colorado's investigation indicated that the United States FUQRA movement was composed of approximately 30 different "Jamaats" or communities, somewhat mobile in nature. Most of these "Jamaats" are believed to currently exist today, along with what investigators deemed to be several 'covert paramilitary training compounds'--..." copyright 2007, Colorado Department of Law

According to a map, here, showing some of the activities of Jamaat ul-Fuqra within the United States beginning in 1984, the group has engaged in bombing the Vedanta Society in Washington State and in or near Kansas City in 1984; bombing Hare Krishna temples in PA in 1984 and 1986; firebombing a Hare Krishna temple in Colorado in 1984; bombing an Islamic Mosque in Houston, Texas in 1985; murdering "Imam Khalifa (1989) weeks after he was warned of al Fuqra plot to kill him" in , near, Tucson, AZ. According to the map, an AL Fuqra "compound raided (1992) - contained evidence of worker's compensation fraud, conspiracy, and racketeering" in Bueno Vista, CO, and "storage locker discovered (1989) - contained explosives, fire arms, detailed plans for the murder of Imam Khalifa, and documentation of fraudulent activities."

In California alone, the map indicates two compounds, one bombing or fire attack, three murders or attempted murders, and four sites of criminal activity. Activity is also shown in Oregon, Illinois, Michigan, a compound in Oklahoma, Nebraska, compounds in Tennessee, Georgia, Alabama, South Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, and New York. And then there's Paul Williams at Islamberg, a jihadist Jamaat ul-Fuqra compound.

If we are serious about winning this war that has been declared upon us since arguably the days of Jimmy Carter's administration and about defending ourselves against this war being waged upon our soil at least since 1984, we must end any illusions of amnesty. With the amnesty of 1986, we have no way of knowing how many terrorists or members of terrorists groups have received "green cards" and subsequent citizenship.

We are insane to even "flirt" with the idea of engaging in further madness under the delusional guise of "multiculturalism." We've got plenty of "multiculturalism", it just used to be called "America's melting pot" where we all came together as Americans with our various ethnic heritages dotting our landscape with colorful and respected flavors of our past homes before we made ourselves Americans.

If you are a regular visitor here, you will know that I am no champion of the invasion from Mexico. I have no problem with Mexican nationals going back to Mexico and working to enter our nation legally if they come on visas for fixed time periods with fixed jobs known in advance. But we must protect our nation from terrorists. As the work of Jamaat ul-Fuqra shows, amnesty worked for terrorists in 1986 when we gave amnesty to 3,000,000 people here illegally. Nothing like the staggering numbers today of 12 to 20 million (12,000,000 to 20,000,000). These numbers overpower the total population of many of our states. The entire Commonwealth of Virginia, for example, has only about 7.8 million people.

We must take the following actions and take them now:

* shelve the "amnesty" bill or "terrorist reward bill" of 2007

* focus on illegal aliens as well as people here on student visas from terrorist-sponsoring nations and start deporting all who have overstayed their visas by a day to 20 years. [If they have had children during that time, the children get to go back to the nation of origin with their parents and as American citizens, make a decision on citizenship when they reach the age of majority.]

* continue in our efforts to identify and deport illegals from Mexico or other South American or Central American nations who have crossed the border illegally or overstayed their visas.

* secure our borders, period. Promises of, "it'll never happen again; this is the last amnesty", are bunk and should be ridiculed as bunk and treasonous based on the "it'll never happen again" perspective of the supporters of the 1986 amnesty. For a view of the promise of amnesty-in-action, see Cochise County, AZ - thank you, John McCain, Senator from Arizona and presidential hopeful.

If some nice, hardworking, trying to learn English and assimilate folks from Mexico get caught up in these efforts, they can still return to their nation of origin and try to come back legally. We simply cannot accommodate them and defend ourselves at the same time. It is not a "race" thing. It is a national survival thing.

For more recommendations, I suggest you take a look at the book, Outrageous, by Dick Morris and his wife, Eileen McGann. They offer some guidelines which I have held for some time; they just articulated the "must do" list and did a good job at it. Among other things, we would be well-advised to divert some of the millions we are funneling to the UN and divert these funds to defending our nation.

More can be found here.


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