Sunday, June 24, 2007

Frank Gaffney's: "Muslims against Jihad" cancelled!

I have compassion for the family of Jessie Davis - most Americans do. That Fox News would capitalize on the family's pain and suffering for a solid three hours last night and show the opened, raggedly dug hole in the ground where she and her 9 month old, unborn chld, had been buried after she was murdered by the father of her first child is disgusting and smacks of hypocritical sensationalism. That Fox News would cancel the airing of "Muslims against Jihad" which had been scheduled for a week or more and would have lasted for only an hour and a half is reprehensible in a time so crucial in our unfolding history when the threat of Islamist radicals is very real and when we are in a "war on terror" declared against us as early as the 1980s. Shame on Fox News! Just when I thought they were beginning to give priority to the greatest threat to all Americans, they focus on the tragedy of one family. As heartbreaking as the story is Muslims who support our democratic republic and who are not afraid to say so, in fear of their very lives, deserve to be heard - even for 90 minutes. But then a Saudi prince does own 5% of Fox News and he certainly wouldn't want "Muslims against Jihad" aired as it is in direct conflict with the very radical Wahabbi form of Islam. Okay, so "Islam vs Islamists" has been banned in Boston and elsewhere in the United States (although paid for with tax dollars) and won't be shown because it addresses the perspective that there really may be a difference between the teachings of Islam and the behaviors of radical Islamists who use the Qur'an as justification for killing the infidels. The case of Jessie Davis is sad but somewhat predictable in that the father of the baby she was about to deliver was the father of her first son and perhaps the father of other children not born to his legal wife. Who knows why he murdered her? The point is that Americans can see the re-run of clips on Jessie Davis during the other 22.5 hours of the day. Her story is no more or less news worthy than that of black American women who suffer the same fate but receive only a 30-second sound bite. Now the news media is placing pregnant women in fear of any and everyone around them. Good going! While pregnant women do need to be watchful, obviously; I think the threat to America is larger and on-going and deserves some air time. So when will "Muslims against Jihad" be aired?


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