Saturday, September 09, 2006

To Italy's B. Zarro and to Italy, herself - Thank you!

There is a fitting statue on the front page of the Washington Times today of a marble replica of Michelangelo's Pieta. This one is done by B. Zarro, a contemporary artist. The memorial to 9/11 is displayed in Venice. We all know the image, the Holy Mother Mary holding the body of her son, Jesus Christ, in her arms. The artist has the body of Christ resting on the folds of an American flag. The tribute is poignant on many levels. With the exception of the city in the background, the water close behind the statue, the most striking image for me is the flag of the United States of America upon which the body of Christ rests. Did the artist mean this or is it my interpretation, that upon this flag and upon our great nation, rests the hope of the Free World in conquerer the islamic facist march that treatens the world? A threat emboldened by the weak "can't we just" talk it over element among us. May they come to their senses before we citizens - for we are always the ones to pay for the luxury of the elite - must endure another atrocity such as 9/11. God bless the Italians; God bless the artist, B. Zarro; and God bless America!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i like that statue too

2:59 AM  

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