Saturday, September 09, 2006

Cry, cry, Bay-eh-bee, cri-aaah!

Can't you hear Janice Joplin pouring her heart out at the mike? What is all the flap about with the ABC 9/11 show? ABC 9/11 show 'indisputably wrong'p.2, 9/9/06. Did anybody do much about Michael Moore's "truth" filled docu-fiction? Those gullible, naturally, paid good money to see it. The rest of us kept our money for other things such as Coulter's book, Godless. ABC should run the program, un-cut, and call it drama-fiction. The actors playing Berger and Albright and others undoubtedly do a good job with weak material. The writers have to spice it up some. Good grief! All the caterwaulin' leads me to believe the show might be really good. But the wailing does once again show that the Dems and their buddies can dish it out but mercy, they sure can't take it. No matter what the ABC 9/11 show started out like, it has to show all those folks in a better light than their actual behavior displayed. We have it on tape in some cases. Who can ever forget, "I did not have sex with that woman..."? Was the pres having a senior moment or did he just forget? Who can forget Mads and the dancing in North Korea? And Sandy - what is that I have in my pants? Socks too? We had 8 years that ushered in "censorship" and instead of Camelot, we got Broomhilde and Sluts-a-lot. Truth is we don't need the ABC 9/11 show to remind us of the aspirin factories, or the cigars. I just regret that I didn't keep copies of all of the great cartoons that were done during that 8-year era from hell. We don't need the ABC show to remind us of the USS Cole either. Well, at least Oliver Stone's work is always historically accurate. We can rest at night. Ahhhh! Isn't there a film out right now in Canada about the assasination of our President? Would that these leftist-folks could harness their energies to attack the real enemies of the free world. To be fair, they better get their anger and hatred out as quick as they can because if our enemies who want to impose Sharia Law throughout the Western world get their way, some folks won't be making anymore movies or much else for that matter.


Blogger Mr Minority said...

The TRUTH be damned, it's all about image to the Donks!

Mr Minority

11:18 AM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

When image is all you've got, that's a thin thread to hang onto.

3:45 PM  

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