Saturday, July 31, 2010

Two classes of citizenship in Kiwi Land

I have to link to this post from my friends at Crusader Rabbit, NZs National frontman for UN and Apartheid.
It is not funny; it is the way of the world and I would not presume to understand a thing that is going on in New Zealand but a comment struck me as curious that with what is going on in New Zealand may lead to "two classes of citizenship" in New Zealand and that indigenous folks may be able to veto acts of Parliament.
Well, in America today, we have so many classes of citizenship that it is hard to keep track.
Everyone can claim some sort of "victim" status and some sort of oppression from the dreaded "white man" from whom the government is determined to exact the last pound of flesh and drop of blood possible even up to and possibly including the denial of health care given age, gender, and illness - but that is perhaps to come later...
The lowest class of citizen on the totem pole in America today is the man who is paying for everything, the white male - the one working, bleeding taxes with every breath, and being whipped by the racist administration and its lackeys in government and out of government. The avowed racists in and lately in the government who have abused their power to punish white people...for being white.
The best thing for white people to do in America today is find one drop of non-white blood in their system going back to pre-historic times and call themselves a minority or realize their progeny are in danger of eradication and starting having children...
On the humorous side - and it is funny to watch:
The NAACP, ever easily played, is now becoming a pawn for the Muslim American players; the so-called black Americans don't know their ship has sailed and except for pockets of local power they are no longer seen as much of a player on the national political scene; and the Hispanic-Americans and their non-racist groups such as La Raza which means, the Race, are now the power brokers behind and in front of the scenes in politics.
For fun look up the Progressive Caucus, the Black Caucus, and the Hispanic Caucus in Congress and see which of the same folks belong to the first two. At one time the Progressive Caucus, I think this is correct, was an arm of Socialist International but that could have changed now, at least on the surface.
Throughout America we have victim groups fighting for political clout and it seems that the only identifiable group that doesn't have a group because they bought the idea of "individual rights before the law" (suckers) are the "white folks."
Everybody else that can find any complaint or grievance against the "white man" who has financially supported - through legislated theft - every group with a grievance has watched these groups turn themselves into "tribes" of some sort all screaming and shouting for their pound of flesh or oz. of blood.
And white women voted for the anti-American president and his racist administration and thus have only themselves to blame if their husbands, sons, brothers, uncles, fathers are unemployed. They made themselves victims of their own lack of due-diligence when it comes to researching the man who would be king or dictator, whichever way you want to cut it.
What does this have to do with the situation in Kiwi Land - everything. In America today, apartheid is the overt or covert racism against so-called white Americans.
Everyone takes precedence over them unless you're a member of a union :)...
Welcome to the post-racial presidency...
Who should not be allowed to vote in America: anyone who votes to take money from one person's pocket to put it into theirs - these days that could include a whole lot of people as the government is working to make us dependent upon other people's money for everything from "cradle to grave."


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