Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Islam: Religion of Peace in Indonesia NOT!

That pesky and oft called religion of peace is destroying Christian Churches in Indonesia from Jihad Watch: Attacks on Christian Churches increasing in modern Indonesia.
As Saudi Arabia builds mosques to the most virulent Muslims, the Wahhabbis in in the USA, no Christian Church in Saudi Arabia can be repaired thus they fall into ruin. Remember the Mediterranean was once all Christian and the Christian countries you read about in the Holy Bible were in the Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, and Israel of today.
Christianity still exists in some areas but in early days gave way to the war lords who supported Mohammad for plunder and profit as well as the thrust for conquest. It wasn't until the 1400s that Ferdinand and Isabella rid Spain of the conquerors...
One thing about the Religion of Peace; it will become peaceful when we are no more when we have surrendered to Sharia Law - don't say it isn't so because it would be done one law or one precedent at a time.


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