Saturday, July 31, 2010

Elena Kagan and Sharia Law

Where will Elena Keagan stand in tolerating the encroachment of Sharia Law into our legal system, one precedent at a time?
My guess is yes...
As Dean [of the Harvard Law School] she became the champion of Shariah."

Shariah is the name given by the authorities of Islam to the barbaric, totalitarian and supremacist code that its adherents seek to impose on all of us. It calls for the murder of homosexuals, the mistreatment of women, the flogging and stoning of those accused of adultery, the killing of apostates and girls who defile their family's "honor" by dating non-Muslims or wearing pants or make-up, etc.

Shariah is no less toxic when it comes to the sorts of democratic government and civil liberties guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution. According to this legal code of Saudi Arabia and Iran, only Allah can make laws, and only a theocrat can properly administer them, ultimately on a global basis.

At Center for Security Policy, Center for Security Policy, please look under Political and Economic Security and click on the tab for The Shariah Threat. Center for Security Policy A local talk show host casitgated all of those who believe Shariah Law is a threat to our Constitutional Republic because he said it was too difficult to change the constitution. Doesn't seem that way under the current administration but the point for the Islamists is that they don't want to change our constitution; they don't want to change our Bill of Rights, not out right. Their method is to change it by degrees and by precedent one precedent at a time under the canard of their religion. Islam is not a religion as we view that as the separation of "church and state." In Islam the state is the church. Islam is the proscribed "religion" as a government of a theocracy just as Catholicism was the proscribed "state" religion during the reign of Mary I in England in the 1500s. But for Islam and Shariah, one and the same thing, the change in America would be incremental, just whatever we would tolerate in small doses. We are already involved in Shariah Finance through our "world banking" practices. But Shariah Law would be the example of the taxi drivers in Michigan refusing to take passengers who had alcohol in their possession because it offended the taxi drivers. The Muslim Brotherhood pushed that and it only went so far. On another point, we now have foot washing stations in the Phoenix International Airport and in the University of Michigan as concessions to the followers of Islam as a religion practice. Would acceptance of 'honor killings' be tolerated? They are arguably part of the established practice. But the need is not to go to that extreme; just one tiny incremental step at a time on any issue we would consider innocuous would start the slow steady precedent toward our submission of Shariah Law. But Kagan kicked American military recruiters off of Harvard's campus while at the same time she accepted and encouraged militant recruiters for the Saudis. And where is the money coming from for that mosque at Ground Zero? Any guesses from the Saudis with money we have paid for oil. It is my understanding that in the furtherance of Wahhabbism - a most virulent form of Islam - Saudi is building mosques all over America for the recruitment of spiritual converts? Not my guess but rather as safe havens for potential terrorists.
Any American Christian churches being built in Saudi lately?
Contact your Senators and urge them to vote against the confirmation of Elena Kagan to the Supreme Court.
Of course it is funny that she would support Shariah Law since that law denigrates women, supports honor killings, and seems to support treating women generally as less than citizens, certainly not equal to men and not equal before the law...


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