Friday, June 05, 2009

Obama: true loyalties to Islamists shining through

At First Things, Lolcat Obama & Mustache: Hussein'alicious has all the references and more that you need to read of the loyalties of our Islamist President who favors the Muslim Brotherhood and their subsidiaries, Hamas and Hezbollah, and selects Egypt as the venue for his speech to the "Muslim World." Interesting that now America, as Obama has stated is not a Christian nation, but is a major Muslim nation or words to that effect. Also, he chose to speak to the "Muslim World" in Egypt when most of the Muslim World is not Arab. To the Israelis - you are on your own, my friends. You have no friend in the White House. Link to First Things and The Anchoress's post, H/T to Larwyn. When will Obama tire of putting America down. And the lies he told of Islam's history and traditions of tolerance not to mention of inventions. Obama claims to be a student of history. Maybe he studied that history either at the madrassa when he was a boy or when he was using that cocaine because that sure seems to be when he studied U.S. history and Constitutional Law. "Oh, high on cocaine; studying Islam in the rain; oh, give me one more hit for Big Mo so I can Light up the Main." Where is Willie Nelson when you need him? Of course, I liked Bob Dylan better when he lit a cigarette (was that a match or cigarette) on a parking meter and called up the lady on Time just to have someone to talk to... I know I've got the words wrong but Obama's glowing pride in the accomplishments of Islam was pathetic tripe. We can see Obama's agenda is to destroy American capitalism and the white middle class, the only NON-PROTECTED ethnic group; plenty of our money has gone to shore up AIG which practices Sharia Finance; and as Obama moves forward with his agenda, we will see surprisingly that he may well turn out to be the Second Coming of the Messiah for the Secularists and for the followers of the Theology of Climate Change AND the 12 Madhi or whatever or whomever it is that Mad Jad is waiting for. Mercy... Now that's a whole lot of power in the hands of one man but a whole lot of fun for him too as he gobbles up our private sector. In Russia, the first thing Lenin's boys did was take over the banks... sound familiar? Here is one more link from Atlas Shrugs that needs to be attached to this post: Obama to Ummah: "America is not - and never will be - at war with Islam" Usama: Called for "Long War Against Infidels".


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