Monday, June 01, 2009

China owns USA; taking Geithner to the woodshed

Geithner to Reassure China U.S. Will Control Deficits(Update1) If Conan O'Brian made that statement on the Tonight Show, everyone in the audience would be laughing in the aisles. Who does Geithner - the tax cheat - think he's kidding that Obama is as concerned about the deficit as the Chinese are? Obama - President Barack Obama, Barry Obama, Barry Dunham or whoever his is and whatever nationality he is - is out to destroy this nation and drive the nails of Marxism through the heart of American capitalism. You can read all about it in that slick Russian Pravda propaganda machine, sounding every more familiar as sophisticated as they are: American Capitalism gone with a whimper. Rumor has it that China is taking Geithner to the woodshed because of all of the money Obama is printing thus driving down the value of China's investment/ownership of the United States. Of course, I know Bush II sold us out first to grease the skids but Obama is printing money at 'criminal' and perhaps 'treasonous' speeds putting us on the fast track to hyper-inflation where you'll need a wheel barrel of money including the Value Added Tax to buy a loaf of bread. Shame, shame on Obama and shame on the people who put him and his minions in Congress into power. But it's what we get for being STUPID. Hey, maybe that's the mark of the Beast and it's imprinted in invisible ink on the foreheads of all Obama voters. He did get them under His Messiah's Spell. Good job, Barry. And to that end, Beware the Value Added Tax which will soak everyone, including the uneducated and frankly "give me a handout" folks who voted for Barry. You'll get your checks from the government but you'll find that more of that money will be taken back by the government to fund the very legislation that is 'giving' you the check in the first place. Read here as well, just posted May 27, 2009. Yep, that Barry, what a sweetie; just a nice guy who can read from the TOPOTUS with the slogan, "Chains we can believe in!" Or was it, "Chains you can slip into"? Wake-up, America BEFORE the 2010 elections are over...



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