Friday, May 15, 2009

Individual Creativity crushed under Socialism

Individual creativity and freedoms and liberties are crushed under Socialism.  The role of Socialism is to crush individual creativity and liberty in favor of the "mentality of the group."
One need only to review the works of community organizer, Saul Alinsky and his Rules for Radicals, and the Black Liberation Theology of Dr. Jeremiah Wright, Jr - both mentors in the ideology of Barack Obama.  And in looking at his mentors, one should also include his mother, Ann Dunham, also here, an avowed Marxist who hated or at the very least held her nation in low regard.
Like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, Ann fled from home, fled from Kansas, and having been abandoned by Barack's father - their marriage cannot be proved - took her son to the far-reaches of Indonesia, a stronghold of Islamic radicalism where he was reared in what may have been more radical Islamic fundamentalism.  
With the government take-over of our industries without a shot being fired, we are not being marched into Marxism, Socialism, Progressivism or the like;  we are being catapulted into these chains of slavery - lock, stock, and barrel - with our arms held out to accept the chains.  Our children will be crushed by the burden of debt.  
As an aside, if you consider yourself one of the "victimized" entitled to rape those who have produced the money that provides for your maintenance, but yet want a better life for your children, remember that YOU are also denying your children and grandchildren of the chance for advancing to reach the American Dream.  The wealthy, the middle-class, will find a way for their children to succeed even if they have to sacrifice all they have earned.
And if it could be worse, it is because Obama called for a Civilian National Security Force - essentially a "standing army" that was/is to be more powerful than even our military and is to be used to CONTROL private citizens.  The TSA under the Homeland Security boys and girls is a good start in its own way desensitizing Americans to having their belongings and their persons searched (without warrant and without personal "probable cause").
America is in danger.  We voted in this Administration and the Democrat House and Senate with no limitation against their mischief, they are doing and can continue to do harm; we - as a people - need to consider voting others into office in the House and Senate in 2010.  Not based upon political party as much as based upon the need for checks and balances and more basically for our survival as a representative republic.
I am not calling for insurrection or for violence.  I am calling for Americans to become involved in the political process.  Learn the names and ideological positions of your Senators and your Representative.  Can you name them?  Do you know how long their terms of office are?  
Learn about the ideologies of Black Liberation Theology for mediocrity - something Mr. and Mrs. Obama will not tolerate for their daughters.  Mr. Obama's speech to the graduates of Arizona State University comes straight from the teachings and pulpit poundings of Jeremiah Wright, Jr.
And then read our constitution and learn that in the Bill of Rights, voting is not a "right."  To me, voting is a privilege and requires an educated citizenry.  Because many are being failed by our 'government public schools', it is incumbent upon us to educate ourselves.
One book I can recommend is the book put out by the Heritage Foundation, The Heritage Guide to the Constitution, addressing the U.S. Constitution and the reasoning behind our great document.
If we continue upon the path Mr. Obama has set for us, you as a creative individual will no longer exist - you will become a shadow of the greatness you could achieve; you will be ground under and have the life sucked out of you under the boot of Socialism - it goes by many names.
As a friend who worked for a major corporation that micromanaged its people and took the innovation out of them suggested, "We will become a society of "appearance-based" work and productivity.  That is what happened in Russia under the Soviets.
Capitalism and the strength of the individual forged our great nation.  Socialism and the "weight of the collective" will destroy us - the chains are being hammered out now.
Cross-posted at Eternity Road under the title:  Your Individual Creativity crushed under Socialism.


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