Monday, April 20, 2009

Larwyn's list: Liberal water boiling over tea parties

Larwyn has some good reading for us with dashes of humor. AP: Obama is the new Gorbachev
From Director Blue,Drowning in reassurances. "This is the only analogy I (Director Blue) could come up with for the disastrous spending plans of the Obama Democrats." Chew On This: After Historic Spending Binge Obama Promises to Cut Federal Fat
And let's look some more about the coverage of those tea parties and the frothing fits some liberals are having. They just don't know when they are really funny. Laugh out loud funny - puffy cheeks, red noses, and hyperventilating over tea:
From Gateway Pundit: Outrage!... St. Louis Media Wacko Interviews "Criminologist" to Discuss Tea Party Phenomenon!... (A Criminologist - goodness. Were gangs of young non-Hispanic white men wearing ski masks, thrusting AK-47s into the air screaming "Death to the Great Satan" perhaps, and brandishing curved swords?)
From Gateway Pundit: Axelrod Says Tea Party Anger Misguided-- Should Not Be Directed at Obama (It isn't Obama; it's at the Congressmen and Senators who are voting for this mess and it's the policies Mr. Obama seems to be pushing. Get over yourselves. It is not him; it's the policies and the hard left turn. Don't we get to disagree anymore?)
From the Prairie Pundit: The message from the Tea Parties
And then there's AIG - will that never end:
And for the followers of Global Warming Theology, we have this just in from the South Pole region, put some ice on it, or rather, in that boiling water: Antarctic ice is growing, not melting away: The Australian newspaper: The South Pole had shown “significant cooling in recent decades.” (Don't you just love it when Mother Nature does something like that?)
Protect the children because one of the posts here discusses same-sex marriage. Now, in and of itself, that would be all right except for the fact that sexual-orientation may happen to be mentioned. If Barney Frank's H.B. 1913 becomes law, I don't know how same-sex marriages can even be mentioned because talk of them, or the very mention of homosexuality, transgender-sexuality, and such - who made up those words - could become a "hate crime" if sexual-orientation is mentioned. And then what does a preacher do if he uses a "quotation" from the Holy Bible? Anything from the Qu'ran is okay - or is it, because this bill could put the imams in duck soup too if they mention passages from their holy book. I don't know if H.B. 1913 is a real bill up for vote today or not, or if someone made it up as a joke mocking China's censorship against her people, read more; but if it is real, any discussion of sexual-orientation other than that relating to heterosexual or opposite sex/gender preference folks who seldom discuss their sexual orientation anyway could become a hate-crime as non-heterosexuals will become a "protected" class. How do parents tell little Mary and Johnny about the birds and the bees and not discuss "gender preference" or sexual-orientation? And if Mommy and Mommy or Daddy and Daddy or Mommy and Daddy, any combination, do tell their children about the birds and bees, are they ALL criminals and guilty of "hate-crimes"? And if it is a hate-crime to talk about one sexual-orientation, why isn't it a hate-crime to talk about another one?
It is becoming more clear by the minute that in America, the only humans who are NOT protected from anything are white men with the exception of those white men who may have a preference for same-sex partners. Non-white men are already covered under some "victim" status thingy or other. I don't think that it is fair to isolate heterosexual white men. That's the true "hate-crime." We have to find something for them to be "victims" of so that they can become a "protected" class too and then EVERYONE in America will be protected.
The Mad Hatter never thought of having it so good! What was in those mushrooms anyway?
Once again, with feeling, the Tea Parties were not about Obama, the person - it is NOT ALL about him. The Tea Parties are about the reckless and outrageous spending of the past 4 Congresses and now this new administration and new congress with both just piling on more. And the tea parties are and will continue to be about changes being made by fiat. Not nice in a representative republic where we expect our elected representatives to at least read the bills before they vote on them.
They've got to be using a lot of ink toner over at Treasury and killing a lot of trees too. Where are the environmentalists when you need them to save the trees?

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