Thursday, November 06, 2008

Obama talks; money walks!

In a post a few days ago, I mentioned how the people would really respond to the results of the election. In a financial crisis that is absolutely no accident - read about the fall of the Weimar Republic that ushered in Hitler in Germany - one does need to take a look at how the market (which is made up of many little 401K holders living on Main Street) responds to the election results. I'd say a fall of 800 to 900 points in less than 24 hours puts the skids to any thinking that our President-elect has a mandate from the American people. Obama talks and for the people who can, their money walks! That's all one needs to see to know how secure our financial industry feels with President-elect Obama but that may be the plan. I feel certain that our new President-elect has plenty of "financial backers" who will be ready and willing to throw their nations' money into the pot to buy up whatever remains to be bought of a once sovereign nation. It is just a little early for we, the average people, to know who owns President-elect Obama. Maybe he'll have an epithany and set aside his Marxist-Socialist training once he steps into the Oval Office. We owe it to him and to ourselves to give him a chance to show his true colors. It will be interesting to see how quickly the MSM turns against him. There are no Republicans left upon which to spew their ire. But as Americans, we do owe it to him to give him as well as ourselves a chance.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Beach Girl - The man's just been elected President. If for no other reason than for your own sanity's sake, lay off the man for awhile and get some sleep. Believe me the world will keep on turning (and proud Mary will keep on turning).

10:22 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

For the first time since I found your blog, I find myself in disagreement. Americans "gave Obama" a chance when they elected him. This isn't the sophomore basketball team, its a really clear dangerous world. So my advice to Mr. Obama is, "Hit the ground running."

I will continue (always) to support my country, even and especially when I will not support the president.

Semper Fi

11:58 PM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

I believe I did say that we owe it to him to give him a chance. Dick Morris - unbeknownst to me - predicted in his book, Fleeced, that the market would drop if President-elect Obama were elected.

Mustang, my friend, when 1/2 of the American electorate voted for President-elect Obama, they voted to give him a chance. His "chance" has yet to have started actually. We'll just have to wait and see. So far he's off to a good start with Rahm Emanuel because according to Dick Morris, Rahm is out for Rahm and will be leaking thing to the Washington Post like crazy. Whoo hoo!

We'll just have to wait and see.

Mustang, I don't see how we can be in disagreement - a vote on election day starts the process - it's only the chance to have a chance.

I'm getting plenty of sleep and reading great novels at the moment and watching great movies. I'm not certain where my focus will be over the next year or so, perhaps the Congress. President-elect Obama says we are a "group", not individuals under the law, but groups...

We'll just see how he does, okay? I am not now and never have been a Liberal Democrat.

Mustang, I have learned, finally, that I can love and honor my nation and her people without caring much for the current administration. The current administration finally taught me to make the separation and I am grateful for the awareness of the difference.

Semper Fi!

9:08 AM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

Yes, proud Mary will keep on turning but one must - for the safety of our nation - recognize that our enemies, domestic and foreign, never sleep and never let up in their crusade. It is wasted key strokes to suggest that one read a bit about Shariah Finance and about the goals of Islamists for world domination. So, if one is not familiar with the CFR and the goals of Islamic leaders for dominating the West, well then, one will hardly notice the changes.

Take a look at Gates of Vienna, one of the best blogs on the internet to find a wealth of information that applies both here and abroad.

9:14 AM  

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