Monday, September 29, 2008

McCain - Come on, baby, light that fire!

Senator McCain - I believe your heart is in the right place BUT please - light that fire in your soul. Let us see the passion, the fire, the strength and passion it takes in the gut to fly a jet off the deck of an aircraft carrier, the fire in the soul that gives you the courage to land on a little speck of metal bobbing in an open sea. Get the passion and command into your voice. The presidency is yours to win. Sarah Palin has the fire but she can't carry it all by herself... We have to feel the passion in you and we have to see and feel the passion that you showed in your acceptance speech at the Republican Convention. A commander can exhibit that "fire" and still show authority. We're trying to do our part but you have to make us see that fire, that patriotism, that "country first". See it, not hear it in a soft, honorable Senatorial voice. As an example, just think "Harry Reid" and do the opposite...


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