Monday, September 29, 2008

Bailout and the 2008 Election

Socialism / Nationalization fails every time! Remember that. Socialism stifles our spirits and breaks our will to work and/or to be exceptional. Socialism teaches men to do as little as they can to get by in the workplace... Now, I have trust in the American people - if we are informed. The more we demand that the government "do" for us, the weaker we become individually and the more the government controls us. Every facet of our lives. Did you know that if you want stay in a motel when you are traveling and you want to pay your bill in cash, you must let them make a copy of your driver's license! Why? Federal law. Now we have an important election coming up and it is important for many reasons - not because of "skin color" or "gender." It is important because it will speak loudly about we, the people. Do we want a Socialist/Marxist society? One in which the working class FINALLY figures out that whether they do a good job at work or not, it doesn't matter. Do we want to continue "loans to anyone" who cannot prove that they are a good credit risk? Because of "political correctness"? Or can this financial "crisis" be a turning point where we, the people, return to common sense and demand it of our elected leaders? I assure you, regardless of our financial situation when this "crisis" is averted, they'll still get their salaries and their benefits as well as their automatic pay increase. AND, if we do not re-elect some of them, THEY'LL STILL get their pay and benefits for life. Now, that may be "law" but that is criminal. The North American Union is fact; we cannot stop it as things stand now. There are ways to stop it but only the Texans and maybe the folks in New Mexico and Arizona have the grit to do what needs to be done. Socialism is getting more pervasive and that WE CAN CHANGE! At the very least, we need some serious gridlock in DC. We cannot afford, our children cannot afford, this long slow - Batan march - into Socialism. And Obama along with Harry Reid and Madame Speaker "I'm only two heartbeats away from the presidency" Pelosi (the richest woman, if not richest person in either branch of Congress) are chomping to bury our independence and the fire that beats in the American heart. This election is not about you as Obama said, but it is up to us. Freedom or Socialism? You decide... Is Freedom just to hard a task anymore or do we have the "fire in our souls" to stand up and fight for freedom - RIGHT HERE AT HOME where it is most threatened? You won't find freedom in "government handouts"...

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