Sunday, September 28, 2008

Bailout - Birth of the United Socialist States of America?

I have to wonder why - if the financial situation is so dire that a bill must be passed and passed now - we don't see anyone jumping out of the windows of some of the financial houses on Wall Street like we did during Oct. 13, 1929. I have say I'd like to see some folks going to jail and the "leaders" of the House and Senate Banking/Finance Committees who failed totally in their Congressional oversight in jailhouse orange or pink if they went to prison in Arizona. This is the biggest such "bailout" we are told. Perhaps, it is the biggest "buy out" or "sell out" of the "free market/capitalism" which has driven the engine of American success. In a Socialist nation, you can forget the "American Dream" because that dream could end tomorrow morning. Who got us into this "mess?" The president - hardly. President Clinton and his signing of the deregulation legislation? Not by himself... Greed! Yes, but there is another side to that "greed" and that side is the push by Socialists to end our capitalist system. The idea of CEOs getting such incredibly high "golden parachutes" not to mention salaries is remarkable but look at the money our pro-athletes get, for what? Our Democrats have been itching to get controls on what corporations pay their CEOs (smacks of jealousy, eh?) and Maxine Waters did let it slip that she wants to "nationalize" our gas/oil companies. Yes, the Socialists are smelling blood in the water and they are circling for the kill... But first, I want to see if I can find a shoebox and then I want to see some folks go to "crisis" didn't happen overnight. We have had "affirmative action" lending; we have had lending to illegal aliens; and we wonder that there is a problem. No president in the last 4 has defended our nation from an invasion of illegals. Drug cartels are growing their drugs in our national parks - today. And now, we are being threatened with the "financial collapse" of our economy - act now, or else... Don't be fooled by the Socialist Democrats. Our president has sold us to foreign debt. Our Congress is now buying our market. I'm not smart enough to know all of the intricacies involved but I know if I ran my household like our Congress runs our finances, I'd be on the street. Don't forget - Congress, not the President - controls the budget - the taxing and spending. And if you don't think your taxes will increase with a Democrat socialist president, there are probably parcels of swamp still waiting for you to buy... Perhaps I need to be a bit more patient, a little less cynical, and give our well-meaning Congressmen a chance to do their job. Thank God, a few Republicans in the House have and are taking a look at this measure.


Blogger TexasFred said...

I can't point a finger at ANY one person and say "YOU caused this" but I can say this, I KNOW who it's going to hurt...

ALL of us...

9:13 PM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

TexasFred - absolutely love your icon. I have spent many grand months in Texas traveling from Turkey Texas down to Abilene and untold miles living along Texas Highway 287 from Wichita Falls up to Dumas and beyond. I love Texas.

Yes, it is going to hurt ALL of us who pay taxes and have pension plans, and 401Ks. The thing is there are so many fingers in this one - it's like a grand ponzi (sp) scheme - like the Daisy Chain of the S&Ls.

I've been to Vernon, Texas - even into the building where that all started and meet "Dickie" who did some time for his part in the swindle.

The problem is we can't run the banks, they don't have the cash but buying gold in the form of Cougarants on a bracelet is looking better and better all of the time.

Was thinking about this this morning and said, "Wow, that 700billion is to cover some of the FDIC-backed stuff and the Lord only knows what else.

Great to have you stop by, by the way...

5:17 AM  

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