Saturday, September 27, 2008

Presidential Debate - Where was Judge Judy?

I watched the "presidential" debate last night and with Obama raising his hand to interrupt Senator McCain and grimacing like a petulant child, I had to wonder where Judge Judy was saying, "He's speaking. Put your hand down." Didn't Obama remind you of the defendants on Judge Judy? I thought Senator McCain did very well and was gentleman enough not to point out to the Community Organizer Obama, that he, McCain, actually has served the nation in the Armed Forces and is indeed a veteran himself - a sacrifice Obama has never made. Further, McCain did not mention that he was painfully aware of torture, having been a POW under the most heinous North Vietnamese. Next debate, let's have Judge Judy preside so that the kid will keep his hand down and perhaps not call Senator McCain a liar when Obama's record speaks for itself regarding his lack of judgement and "integrity" in associations. Anyone who is a parishoner of Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Jr. for twenty years and can say with a straight face that he never heard Wright's anti-white, anti-American, anti-Jewish diatribes, and rabid racist rants has to be stretching the truth especially since Obama has pointed out more that once that he even took Wright's CDs and/or tapes with him for inspiration... And worse, he subjected his family to that nonsense. Of course, I believe those are the views of his spouse and that is very troublesome. Remember, she condoned her girls being subjected to that racism too...


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