Friday, May 16, 2008

Treaty of Lisbon: Lawyers waging war against the people

Just as an aside, while France and Germany leadership presently seems to be more pro-American than the more recently departed leaders, it seems as though the boys and girls in Brussels - the dictators of the EU - have turned the lawyers loose upon the people - all the people of the world. Michael Savage wrote a book, Liberalism is a Mental Disorder. How true and we see it playing out. Rush Limbaugh joked several years ago that while the far-left elitist liberals (Obama, Pelosi, Reid, et al) are striving to remake our nation into a Marxist tyranny or some delusional RINOs are pushing for Utopia, at least they were spreading Liberalism like a plague to Europe. Well, boy, howdy! Was that right on? So, today, instead of recognizable armies beating up on each other for control, we have lawyers "writing" the un-intelligible Treaty of Lisbon, arguably the rejected EU Constitution in disguise but unreadable in any language AND we have terrorist groups such as Hamas, Hezbollah, Al Qaeda, and others happily blowing us up while they work as proxies for terrorist-funding nations who cannot fight us man-to-man. The lawyers are even more demented, in that, they - reaping their rewards from trials, not military tribunals - work mightily to turn acts of war (terrorism) into crimes. So the only folks who can be charged with war crimes are the folks who put on military uniforms. Hmmm... Funny, that uniform thing didn't stop FDR from trying those German infiltrators, working on US docks in New York, in military tribunals as enemy combatants and executing them very quickly... But that was back in World War II when most sane folks knew who the enemy was (just like we know today) and actual men - honored for common sense and bravery - got the job of protecting us done. Back to... The Treaty of Lisbon is one more step in the emasculating of once fine nations and even worse, the EU and the Treaty of Lisbon - a masterpiece of "in section A.1.b.2.3.5.c. the words 'in the matter of' will be changed to read 'with respect to'." - make the Islamification of Europe a certainty. Way to go! And while you are at it, take a few minutes to look at the Mediterranean Union and the Barcelona Process. The only good thing seems to be that there are so many "laws" and "agreements" that you are bound to be breaking dozens of them each and everyday, making general enforcement perhaps challenging. And then take a look at EU Battle Groups and ask why is the US spending so much money on NATO? And if you still have the stomach for it, hop over to the Human Rights dictates where you will choke on the first paragraph which speaks to "freedom of expression", not allowed in the Muslim world and, according to the UN, not allowed in the known universe should one be so silly as to want to engage in a discussion of the facets of Islam. Let's close down all law schools across the known universe; failing that, how about just those on Planet Earth? Put a moratorium on law degrees with no more being issued for at least 30 years, 60 years if necessary, for degrees pertaining to trial law, international law, and ending general litigation where common sense should prevail. Then, in the United States of America, should she still stand, AND SHE WILL, pass a law banning lawyers from serving in Congress - either house. As Glenn Beck points out, we could use some common sense. Just a tad... All this "new world order" rush and the pressure to forge "unions" seems like national "elected leaders" are playing high-stakes monopoly with not only our money, our futures, but also with our lives and freedoms. Citizens of the United States and of the proud nations of Europe can stop this seemingly psychopathic lemming leaders' rush to drive us over a cliff and to bind us all with the same chains but we have to fight it one nation and one people at a time.
The French and Danes did the best they could. They rejected the EU Constitution when they were allowed to vote. EU officials won't let that happen again. The Swedes are trying. Ireland, your chance is June 12th.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Do what YOU can.

Vote YES at

12:03 PM  
Blogger KG said...

The EU is ushering in a totalitarian world government. By stealth, by keeping citizens ignorant of the ramifications of this "treaty".
And none of us is safe from it.

5:06 AM  

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