Saturday, May 17, 2008

Institutionalized Racism in the USA

The following editorial is from John W. Wallace, a candidate for Congress for New York’s 20th Congressional District. Mr. Wallace's website is: Here are his comments in full: (emphasis added) THE CLASSIFICATION OF AMERICANS BY RACE AND ETHNICITY MUST END The Racial and Ethnic classification of Americans is nothing more than institutionalized racism and must be ended. The United States of America has been known as a country of rugged individualism based on individual freedom and liberty. Why has America become a country obsessed with classifying its citizens into different racial and ethnic sub-groups? The only groups that actively support the continued collection of racial and ethnic data are big government bureaucrats and "racial and ethnic special interest groups” that also happen to receive significant funding from the federal government. These organizations argue that identifying people by race and ethnicity is necessary in order to redress some past injustice and that the federal government must continue to collect and use this information in order to set up special racial and ethnic programs, affirmative action quotas and other set-asides for these groups, some of whom consist of new immigrants, illegal aliens and non-citizens. Nothing can be further from the truth. In a country where we can no longer ask people what religion they are, what their party affiliation is or what their sexual orientation is, why are we still asking them about their racial and ethnic background? Americans are beginning to realize that racial and ethnic identification is more a matter of personal choice than anything else. In the 2000 Census, seven million American citizens refused to place themselves into a single category by refusing to describe themselves as only white, black, Asian, Latino or any one of the other specific categories listed, because they were of mixed race. Attempts by the government to create a “mixed race” box for the 2000 Census was met with resistance by racial and ethnic special interest groups like the NAACP and the National Council of La Raza, because they feared that a mixed-race box could pose a danger to the justification for their existence. The fuzzier such racial and ethnic categories become, the harder it will be for these racial and ethnic special interest groups and the government to traffic in them. If a mixed-race category were to be added, every brown-skinned person of mixed race registered in this category would shrink the government’s official count of Blacks, Latinos, Asians or American Indians, eventually reducing their political influence and ultimately the amount of money these groups receive from the federal government, which amounts to approximately $185 billion a year. Through the mandated collection and use of racial and ethnic specific information, more and more of American taxpayers’ hard earned money is being routinely distributed to these racial and ethnic special interest groups at the expense of all other Americans who may or may not be members of these groups. Through executive orders, congressional legislation, affirmative action programs, racial set-asides, quotas and other programs based solely on race and ethnicity, our federal government is playing the key role that pits one racial and ethnic group against another, which could eventually lead to our destruction as a country.
Rather than helping a diverse population become assimilated and united as one nation, the Federal government is doing what the Nazi government of Germany did in the 1930’s and 40’s; creating government supported institutionalized racism by the intentional classification of it’s citizens by race and ethnicity. With the support of racial and ethnic special interest groups, our federal government seems to view our citizens not just as Americans, but rather as “pawns” in some social science experiment to be classified and separated into different racial or ethnic sub-groups for some unknown purpose. By mandating the classification of Americans into specific racial and ethnic sub-groups, the federal government and the advocates of “diversity” are actually perpetuating institutionalized racism and keeping Americans divided. Maybe the real purpose of collecting this data is to justify the continuing flow of government money to these racial and ethnic special interest groups.
If we want to help poor Americans escape poverty, get better health care, find a job or get a good education, why should it matter what their race or ethnic background is? The answer is: It should not! Americans need to come together as members of one country and remember that we are all individual Americans, regardless of race or ethnic background. Martin Luther King, Jr., inspired a nation when he voiced his dream for a color-blind nation, a nation in which people would be judged by the content of their characters, "not the color of their skin." The answer to this government encouraged racism is the concept of Liberty with a limited, constitutional government that is devoted to the protection of individual rights rather than the claims of different racial and ethnic special interest groups. Where Liberty is present, individual achievement and competence are rewarded, not people’s skin color or ethnicity. I will support legislation barring the federal government from the collection of racial and ethnic information about the American people and/or the classification of American citizens by race and ethnicity, including the collection of census information. Exceptions should be made for law enforcement, hospitals and medical research purposes. I will also support legislation that bans affirmative action programs, racial set-asides, quotas and any other programs that give special preferences based on race and ethnicity. By: JOHN W. WALLACE Candidate for Congress New York’s 20th Congressional District ~~~~~ I agree. A classic example is B. Hussein Obama. How can he be "black" when he's mother is white and his father is a black man from Africa? Does "black" skin trump "white" skin? Of course, any "color" of skin trumps "white" these days so perhaps "white" folks should get a tax-break 1) for being discriminated against generally and 2) for paying the bulk of the taxes that support the financial dependency of non-white skinned folks. Actually, Thomas Sowell wrote this idea around 16 to 20 years ago but I have held it for at least that long or longer: no one who receives tax-payer funded subsidies: food stamps, food bank, section 8 housing, medicaid, or any of the other "aides" should be allowed to vote. To allow someone to vote to steal hard-earned money from one family to support another non-productive family is "theft" pure and simple. Tax payers can vote to support such aide but the recipients of the tax payer largess should not be able to vote to steal money from the rest of us. Period... That's what Barry, Hillary, and Marxists/Socialists like to do; that is how they "buy" votes and destroy the heart and soul of our nation, drain the life-blood out of the folks their programs force into dependency and call it "I'm government and I'm here to help you." In the United States of America today, does one "select" their racial identity based on expediency, on avarice/financial benefit in the form of tax-dollar handouts (certain to raise any one's self-esteem we hear so much about), on "what's in it for me?" Tiger Woods said it best when he identified himself as uniquely being the direct product of seven or eight different ethnic groups but guess what - like Morgan Freeman - Mr. Woods classified himself as an American. Whoo-hoo! And he is too! As long as the federal, state, and local governments themselves financially benefit from affirmative action quotas, corporations benefit in hiring "atta boys" for affirmative action hiring practices, and individuals benefit above other citizens based solely upon how they classify themselves ethnically, we will remain conscious of "race" - we get paid for it, after all. But the more I'm called a "racist" because I'm getting sick of supporting this corrupt system, the more my disgust and distrust grows. Personally, I pay heavily so that Section 8 housing folks can have new appliances, have their apartments painted every year, and can pay only $168.00 a month rent not to mention enjoy free landscaping services which I pay for as well. At the same time, I cannot afford new appliances, yearly painting of my home, and have no one to bail me out if I get into debt. And I'm not supposed to have a tad of animosity that my generosity in the form of money I earn being confiscated from me to support someone else is thrown back in my face and I'm called a "racist" because I say this is theft? Back to... Guess which nation does not classify its citizens by race? America would do well to rid itself and its people of one source of separation and therefore distrust and that would be to end racial quotas and racial/ethnic identifiers. How soon do you think that will happen? Not as long as politicians appeal to greed and folks think they are getting something for nothing, not realizing or caring that they are, in fact, stealing from their neighbors. How embarrassing! And in the United States there is no classification for "white" or "Caucasian" any longer; nope, those folks are now "non-Hispanic white." Now, that's planning ahead... Remember John F. Kennedy? What was his famous statement: Remember not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country! Shame on our own government and shame on us for letting our government turn us into "money, grubbing second-class citizens with our hands out to government for our daily bread". We are Americans and we're better than that, no matter how much the politicians disdain us and work to buy our votes with other citizens' money. It is only we who can take our nation back by saying, "No, we can stand on our own. We will look to our churches and our communities, not the government." Oh, how the government has roped us in and made us slaves to the crumbs they want to toss us and then laugh as we fight each other for the leavings. We are Americans; we are better than politicians think we are; we must ensure the education of our children; we must ensure vouchers to get them out of failing schools; and we must turn our backs on the government-enforced racism that drives us apart! We must grab our united destiny and claim our freedoms and our heritage! Do you think for one minute that the enemies aligned against us care one wit about our ethnic identities? No, they laugh at the distractions that keep our attention away from them and their grand designs...

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Blogger Dr.D said...

Beach Girl, unfortunately I think you are being naive. The goal of all of the programs is to eliminate the white race from the world. Surely you have heard the "whites are cancer" idea?

The ultimate idea is to breed a mongrel race with no whites left. The left sees this as the goal, because "whites are cancer, they cause wars, they bring oppression, etc." What this foolish thinking overlooks is that white people also bring progress. If you honestly look at history, almost all of the technological progress of the past 500 years has been made by white people, people of European ancestry. This also applies to all of the true art, music, literature, mathematics, and religious development of mankind. These are the people with the creativity, the brain power, the ability to make things happen. If these people are bred out of existence, the world will be a much poorer place as a result. It will not be a more peaceful place, only poorer. More primitive people still fight and do all manner of cruel things, they simply do them with less intelligence and creativity. Lowering the IQ of the world is not a step forward for mankind!

12:53 PM  
Blogger KG said...

Great post! And this is so true, not just of America:

"Oh, how the government has roped us in and made us slaves to the crumbs they want to toss us and then laugh as we fight each other for the leavings."
And until people learn to stand on their own two feet again, it will only get worse.

5:03 AM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

Thank you, KG and Dr. D. I wonder if we have the fight left in us. Maybe.

Dr. D - I am not naive here, not by a long stretch. I just have, as yet, declined to state the obvious that our government, in the US clearly, through the pro-choice movement for one and many other programs as well has been systematically destroying the "white" race for decades. They have certainly done a good job of destroying our educational system; we are being targeted by illegal aliens (the drunk driving ones Jerry Rivers - Geraldo Rivera - heralds as captives of their own culture), the importation of 15,000 Saudi male students a year to our universities who - oh, by the way - cultivate relationships with those little white girls, marry them, convert them to Islam, have as many children as possible, beat the wives to teach them their place, then divorce them to marry anew, forcing the former wives into poverty and into our welfare system. Just lovely.

No, I'm not naive. The truth is very obvious and it is well-advanced in Europe.

Time for us to "turn the other cheek" to get a clear view as we lock and load not to mention teach our sons and daughters to marry each other and, materialism and multicultural annihilism (sp) be damned and have a minimum of 5 children per family. I'd financially put myself in debt to support my children in that venture.

Frankly, I'm tired of white people being blamed for everything wrong with black America today since our school system is now a complete failure, the out-of-wedlock white birthrate is up to 25% from a long-time low average of 5% (black out-of-wedlock birthrate is 65% in my state and 70+% nationally (how's that for male accountability and responsibility - that's manhood for you), our jails are full of "innocent" black criminals who didn't do it, trying being white and working to get disability not to mention a Habitat House. I live in a region with 1/2 a million people. One year, of all the houses GIVEN to needy families, only 3 went to non-black families. And then one single woman - more later - had to wait two years for her application to be approved while in the meantime, she lived in a home she rented for $500.00 a month that was literally falling down.

Sadly, I'm not naive here, just very disgusted. I keep thinking the government must be very frightened of "white" people but then the government "elected" folks are mostly white people. Guess they don't like living off their own institutionalized form of welfare, eh?

More later in a post coming will deal with illegal alien drunk drivers being used and allowed to get away with killing white Americans among others with little or no punishment - it is only when they kill a non-white that they receive some degree of appropriate punishment but at our expense when they should have been executed for their earlier homicides.

8:51 AM  

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