Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Ireland: Beat back the Tyranny of the EU/Eurabia

On June 12th, 2008, the Irish people will have a chance to vote against the Treaty of Lisbon, aka, the European Constitution in legal-speak. If you read no other articles or posts about this vote and the weightiness of it, please for your freedom and your liberty, and yes, even for Western Civilization, READ the following post at the Gates of Vienna: Strong Arming Opposition to the EU. The EU and hence all the twists and turns - and even threats - to get you to "vote" to strangle your freedoms and to betray you into Eurabia, the Islamification of Europe, picture the Dementors from Harry Potter sweeping across your fair land, has been moving apace for decades now - under the guise of "free trade" and of "hating the ugly Americans". After all, what are the Americans good for except believing in freedom so much so that they were willing to leave home, hearth, family, wife and children, to fight and die, on the Beaches of Normandy - those crosses that mark the graves of those brave military personnel mark the graves of flesh-and-blood men who gave their all for Europe to be free...was that loss all in vain? Were their deaths for nothing? Did the Resistance in France, did Oriana Fallaci and her kin in Italy fight in vain? Freedom is never free...not then, not now, not ever! When have we, since our Revolutionary War, called upon you to fight and die for our freedoms. We are asking you today - I am begging you today - to stand for freedom - your freedom, and yes, ours. If you can stand up to the tyranny of the EU, we may garner the courage to stand up to NAFTA and the North American Union which is moving at a stealthy pace (without our vote) to unite arguably one of the most ruthless and corrupt nations - certainly not law-abiding - on earth with the United States and Canada. Over 12,000 Americans are killed on our highways every year by drunk driving illegal aliens from Mexico and our government imports more killers. We are actually at war along our southern border where our own State Department warns that Americans are not safe to travel there...back to, Do not be hypnotized by the black-clad women in veils and flowing robes or by silken words of the ministers of the EU in Brussels, your NEW overlords. At the end of the road is tyranny and slavery... Read the post at the Gates of Vienna. Please. Stop Islamic Imperialism in its tracks. But, Beach Girl, this is just about trade. Sure; sure it is. On June 12th, Ireland - Ireland, please rise up and vote NO! on The Treaty of Lisbon. The EU is appeasement; the European Union is Neville Chamberlain writ LARGE! Can you imagine the blood that will be shed to reclaim your nations and your homelands when the tyranny of the EU/Islamic Republics must once again be dealt with head-on? Do you want that for your children, your grandchildren? And will they even be able to reclaim their heritage once lost? Americans are being sold out today, even as I write; I fear the price we as ordinary citizens will pay for the greed of our "leaders." Globalization is about trade but it is about more; it is a man-made corporate phenomenon much like earlier monopolies; it does not have to be about abandoning our national identity. It does not have to be about forcing all nations to be a hodge-podge of multicultural, multi-linguistic gray gruel, weakened and defenseless. You see, it is "we the people" - strong nations - everywhere that the new power-brokers fear and seek to control and enslave. Read Orwell's 1984 again. As I write this to you, I hear the Garth Brooks' song thundering in the background, "Ireland, I'm coming home..I can see your waving fields of green, your fences made of stone...Ireland, Ireland!" And I can see the sun sparkling off of the gold-red hair of your green-eyed girls playing in the sunlight because I have a child whose eyes carry the green of the Emerald Isle and whose auburn-brown hair catches the sun. When you vote, remember the 1500 year-old Buddhas in Afghanistan riddled with gunfire and blown-up by the Taliban...remember the young women clad in pale blue burkas driven onto a soccer field, pitifully shot in the head for some unknown infraction as they were forced to stand in the grass shivering in fear before the screaming crowd of barbaric men. Remember the "honor killings" occurring in Europe, the female mutilation, the beatings, the streets of one town running with the blood of slaughtered sheep, the no-go towns of England and the no-go areas of France, and much more and remember your vote will be to keep your freedom or to vote yourselves into servitude... Pray God, there will always be an Ireland! With lush, green rolling hills and fences made of stone...with Celtic crosses and cathedrals across the land... [For additional posts, search here for Ireland, Treaty of Lisbon]

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