Monday, May 26, 2008

Bob Barr - Libertarian Presidential Candidate for 2008

I was doing a bit of channel surfing this afternoon and came upon the Libertarian 2008 Convention. Pretty neat! Six ballots to get their presidential candidates. And all states that had delegates at the convention were counted - only North Dakota, as I recall, did not have delegates. The Libertarians did know that the Union has 50 states which is a vast improvement over the Dhimmicats. Bob Barr is the presidential candidate and Wayne Allyn Root is the vice presidential candidate. A few minutes ago, I was checking through the referrals in my Sitemeter account and came upon a good site, Whitehouse2008 where you will find the Bob Barr Nomination Speech. Sure they are for or seem to be for open borders, against any laws that make some drugs illegal (I think that was William F. Buckley's position too), for gay/lesbian marriages, against the patriot act, against the Read ID Act (no argument there), and for/against assorted other positions. What is curious about this election year is that nobody in any political party seems overly happy with their nominees in any significant numbers. Very interesting... The bottom line is this: Americans, by and large, are fed up with our politicians. The likes of Nancy Pelosi slam the approval rating of President Bush which is around 25% to 35% - something like that - and are very hush-hush on the approval rating of the Democrat-controlled Congress which is 11%. Heck, we're apt to write in Ron Paul or someone else who cannot be bought. We really need to take our nation back... We are Americans. We aren't afraid of hardwork and acountability. Are we?


Blogger Roberto de Sonora said...

A Fool will forge ahead boldly, because they are incapable of seeing what lies ahead.

12:55 PM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

Roberto, I think you and I are the only ones on the internet today. Welcome.

I agree with you on Mary being a better Libertarian candidate but this is a strange year - very strange. It is possible that many more people will now go to the Libertarian website and take a look at the precepts and principles than would have before.

Many Republicans are Libertarians on many issues. Certainly not all but then all Libertarians are not Libertarian on ALL issues just as I don't support all Republican candidates and not all Republican candidates are not Republicans by a long shot. Current situations support that assertion.

Barr's candidacy may well be a good thing for the Libertarian Party because more folks will take a look that would not have looked before. That is "spreading the message" at this time more effectively than perhaps a more firmly traditional Libertarian candidate would have been able to do.

We have a need to wake up Americans and get them off this treadmill of dependency on government - let's be glad for small favors. Some Libertarians may think the Libertarian Party is being hijacked - how do you think conservative Republicans feel? At least Barr renounced previous positions and that is a good step.

Where do you think disenfranchised conservatives will go to vote in November? I'll be taking a look at local Libertarians on local tickets - believe me I will.

Gay/lesbian marriage is a done deal. Open borders is a done deal. And I believe the "War on Drugs" is a cottage industry -albeit serious for many agents who beleve the fight is real and who give their lives - our government has no intention of really "fighting" it. Just watch the movie, Traffic. I wonder how many consultant firms have grown up around the "War on Drugs" and the "War on Terror?" Have to have someplace for retiring gov. trained folks to work and double-dip and use their expertise once they've left the government. Right?

I took an quiz on the internet years ago on where I stood, really. I am a life-long conservative - States Rights, First Amendment, Second Amendment, etc. lady - keep the Constitution on my night-stand and on my computer reference table next to my elbow. I answered the questions honestly and presto, came up a Libertarian.

Problem is, Libertarian Party has been too small to get much done. What if Bob Barr and Wayne Root can take that message out farther? Get people to listen? That will be a good thing. So, please take heart.

These are volitale political times. Americans need dynamic speakers like when we had "fire and brimstone" Baptists preachers. Give Barr a chance to get the message out. We need to teach both major political parties a lesson - big time.

Remember - America once had the Whigs and the Tories. Seen any posters for them lately?

As I mentioned in an earlier post - wouldn't it be fun with Ron Paul, Bob Barr, and Hillary Clinton as the candidates from the three parties? Now that would be exciting and a real knock-down-drag-out political campaign for the White House.

I read your post - please take heart. NOBODY is happy with their "presumptive" candidate this year, so far that is McCain and Barr. I'm just suggesting that God works in interesting ways and Bob Barr can get your message out. He has a few swords to fall on doing it. I watched his nomination speech and I watched your convention yesterday.

I'm still going to point out the error of the GOP's abandonment of the conservatives but I want you to know, except for a few issues, conservatives are not that far from Libertarians on 90% of the issues.

Mostly, at our core, we want government to leave us alone and let us get on with our lives using the fruit of our labors as we see fit while supporting only the 4 things the US Constitution assigned to the federal government - while the federal government has been marching toward Socialism and tyranny.

Finally, aspects of your message speak to all Americans so I would suggest that your 30 years of hard work have not been in vain. Bob Barr is a far better standard bearer for you than you-know-who is for conservatives.

Thank you for stopping by...

1:26 PM  

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