Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Obama needs to ignore Wright; America needs gridlock

Watching Senator Obama "denounce" Jeremiah Wright, Jr. is rather painful, especially after Mr. Wright has already set the stage that politicians say whatever they have to say to be elected, thereby, implying that Senator Obama will be dishonest in whatever he says regarding Wright's recent ranting. What a cheap shot by Wright! Setting Obama up to be telling lies before he even responds regardless of what Obama says. Wow... With friends like Wright, a most trusted spiritual advisor, Obama needs no enemies. I don't think there is any reason to waste time trying to "understand" Jeremiah Wright. Wright makes himself perfectly clear. Senator Obama just simply needs to ignore Wright for the gnat that he is and get on with his campaign and stop letting Wright bait him. The blood-letting has been done. Senator Obama just needs to step away and get on with his campaign, not let Wright get under his skin. Obama does not need to answer, defend, or denounce Wright; Wright is a capable zealot with a following, maybe a Farrakhan-wanna-be, and let's face it, no matter what you think of Louis Farrakhan, he is a charismatic speaker and, for better or worse, there is no one else like him. On Obama's run for the Democrat nomination and eventual presidency - who knows what will happen. I don't know; I do know that should Obama not "win" the presidency, neither he nor his wife should blame white Americans. If they want to blame anything, blame the racism preached by Wright who says his message is the message preached across America throughout black churches. I will not believe that - tell me I'm wrong. Tell me that my neighbors do not go to Christian black churches every week and hear hatred preached toward me and my family. My church is a congregation of mixed ethnicities and I refuse to believe that Jeremiah Wright speaks for all black congregations across America. Americans of all skin colors have fought and died, bled together in defense of our people and our nation, our families. Don't tell me this loss of our blood and treasure is a sham and filled with hatred. My family has been fighting in our wars since before the American Revolution and on both sides of the "War between the States." Mr. Wright embarrasses me but he brought interesting information to the forefront. Is he right? Of course not... Perhaps Wright is aiding and abetting our enemies, the Islamic terrorists who want all of us defeated or dead? I am not a Liberal and do not support Socialism/Communism/Marxism. I am learning that Democrats do not understand economics and how increasing taxes stifle economic growth. While at some level, it is interesting to watch the Democrats duking it out, at other levels there is no fun in it when, while I don't agree with Obama on much of anything, I am sorry some things are turning out as they are. I believe America has many very capable black American who could fill the office of the presidency right now but they are conservatives and do not have the backing of the press or of the black community generally. A bit of pathos surrounds Obama's campaign beginning as it did with such lofty claims but Americans deserve leaders with more thorough vetting and with a bit more maturity. Being community organizers in the inner city in Chicago is not a place from which to launch a campaign of "experience." Being a governor of a state is more credible and seldom has a Senator become president - Kennedy, yes. But this year it seems we are left with three... Michelle, if your man does not "win" the White House, it will be because of his exclusive Black Liberation Theology and his Socialist designs on "changing" our nation into a Marxist government. It will not be white racism that keeps Obama out of the White House. White people, generally, seem to want him in the White House to get it over with, to break that "barrier", to see how much he can screw things up, or not, just like any other president of recent decades. If he does well, good for us; if not, he'll go down like General Dinkins in New York, as an experiment that failed and real managers will have to move in and clean up the mess. Nobody will believe this but if Obama does become the next president, I don't want him to fail in terms of really be totally incompetent. I want him to see the overwhelming responsibility and weight of the office and realize that we are living in very dangerous times. How our next president handles Islamic terrorists and terrorist supporting nations could well end Western Civilization as we have known it. But then Mrs. Obama seems to want to do that when she cautions black Americans NOT to join the middle class, etc. If Obama should become the next president, I don't want him to fail in the larger scheme of the safety and security of our nation but I don't want us to become Marxist either - so, we have to focus on electing conservative Representatives and Senators to off-set the agenda most liberal Senator in our history.

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Anonymous Don Bistrow said...

Taking a close look at Obama's political history will enhance one's understanding that he has come out of nowhere, even further than Jimmy Carter did in the 70's.

It was a matter of one Illinois Republican and one Illinois Democrat setting themselves on fire with sex scandals that opened the door for Obama to defeat Alan Keyes who was claiming residency in the "Land of Lincoln."

Obama the US Senator is unqualified to be President simply based on his overall political experience. The man is a political empty suit.

The one fact that Senator Obama can't undo is that he was a member of Rev. Wright's church for 20 years and he will not escape that fact between now and Nov. 5th no matter how he spins his tune.

In fact, the more Mr. Obama denies and attempts to separate himself from Rev. Wright the more he appears joined at the hip.

Obama's personal character haas not been exposed enough and Jeremy Wright Jr. is only the tip of the iceberg with Bill Ayers vying for second place on Mr. Obama's hit parade of associates.

Tony Rezko is coming up the stretch as his federal trial proceeds swimmingly and he may take over Ayers and Wright for Obama endearment that he may not wish to have.

It's baseball season and the Chicago Cubs, 100 yrs in drought not do to any alleged global warming, have a better chance of surviving the election season than Obama and his racist wife and cohorts.

Unfortunately, we still have no valid choice for President.

Conservativism is not a political party and Democracy is foreign to Democrats who are further embedding themselves in the swamp of Socialism.

Politicians join one party or the other but they are all beginning to look like mulligan stew. Indeed!

11:02 PM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

Don, thank you for stopping by. Wright is having his two hours of infamy and working hard on fulfilling his "self-fulfilling" prophecy. Talk about throwing himself and all black Americans under the bus in one fell swoop - and many cheer him on. Incredible...

11:12 AM  

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