Friday, February 01, 2008

Obama and Clinton: no free lunch!

In the following article, Obama touts war position, Hillary Clinton counters that Obama's "health care plan" leaves out millions of Americans. I have a question. If a woman has the "right" to kill her unborn child, why can't she have the same right NOT to buy government-mandated health insurance? And if she does not want to buy insurance of any kind or government-ordered health insurance, why do we have to pay for her care if she gets sick or injured? Beware of the liberal bearing "gifts", folks! Be afraid, be very afraid! It is your freedoms you are placing in their hands - make no mistake. For every "gift" you receive from my tax dollars, the chain tightens around your neck and the noose tightens around mine. As someone once said, "There is no free lunch!" And certainly no free lunch under Socialist Democrats. Sorry, except for illegal aliens. I could be wrong but I hear that they'll be getting that "tax" rebate too. If so, then don't we know who the illegals are? I mean, we're gonna mail the checks somewhere. MG, we are colossally stupid...or at least our "elected" leaders think we are...If we elect a liberal president, then I'll sadly be proved right that Americans have come to see freedom as just to hard and we've gone soft...and like Great Britain, we'll go the way of other once-great civilizations and leave the stage with a sign...because it is only Americans who can defeat this great nation. As Nikita Krushchev famously said, "We will bury you from within." It is only Americans following the Piped Piper of Socialism who can bring us down along with NAFTA and the superhighway ripping across our guts, drawing and quartering our great land, pulling us to shreds. Once this happens, our nation will be nearly impossible to put together again.


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