Friday, January 25, 2008

Clintons double-team Obama

I don't think the Clintons are "mean-spirited"; I think they are ruthless predators. Yesterday Rush Limbaugh mentioned an article posted on the American Thinker, Hillary and Bill Use Alinsky Tactics to Bring Down Obama, by Kyle-Anne Shiver. Excellent article and it gets to the underlying ruthless strategy the Clintons are using now against Obama and have used during Bill's White House romps to polarize Americans against each other. If you recall, we were coming out of the more acrimonious clashes instituted by the "race-baiters" and we were all getting along pretty well until Bill Clinton ginned up his Civil Rights Commission leadership and announced that we, the nation, needed an open discussion about "race." Then out popped "political correctness" and we were hit with a double-whammy which ensured that we could not have open discussions about any issues germaine to we Americans because "political correctness" ensured that someone would be "offended" somehow. Talk about skinning us and setting every nerve a-tingle. And remember who was behind the "high tech lynching" of Justice Clarence Thomas - the left. With "political correctness", our freedom of speech was hijacked, my friends; all of us with our tongues cut-out, powerless to even address issues we all need to resolve as AMERICANS. The Clintons follow the Commandments of Saul Alinsky for destroying "their" enemies which just happen to be all of us but right now their energy is focused on destroying Barack Obama and they are being successful because they are pulling him off-message every time he responds to them. To Barack, if ridicule works for them, don't respond to their attacks. Just smile and say, "Well, that's just Hill and Bill - the bullies in the playground - at it again." We all know what he'll mean. If you have the time, please go to The American Thinker and take a look at Kyle-Anne Shiver's recent articles on the Clintons. Also see the late Barbara Olson's book, Hell to Pay. Folks, we really don't need them in the White House again, ever. Our nation can't survive much more polarizing. These folks are ruthless, power-centered, humanoids - there is no "soul" there; only the blinding obsession for POWER.



Blogger Rich said...

Welcome back! You were missed. Hillary has no experience for the job of president or the capacity to understand the private sector markets. Actually she doesn't care about the private sector, and actually thinks government should manage the economy. She is an economic illiterate, healthcare illiterate, and dangerous to the future of our country. Shout it from the roof tops...

12:45 PM  

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