Monday, January 28, 2008

Lionheart - England, how you persecute your son!

In a recent post, America, Should I stay or should I go?, Lionheart spoke of the flames that engulf England and yet the Crown stays mute. England, where is your Queen? Why does she not step forth and say, "No more! My subjects, my people, will be tormented no longer! If there must be a war, a religious war - in order to maintain our heritage, culture, and freedoms - then let us have it now! Religious wars are hardly new to England and the war that is being waged against native English citizens on our soil is becoming more brazen by the day - aided and abetted by the government which itself will be swamped if conditions are allowed to continue. I, Queen Elizabeth II, will not allow my people to be persecuted, not on my watch. I stand with the Kings and Queens of England! I am England and England shall not fail." I know, pure fiction but what a relief it would be to see Queen Elizabeth II march into Parliment and demand that the nation be protected from the tyranny of Sharia Law. Or maybe, the Queen simply does not know that She, HRH, will no longer reign... The Crown, the history of Britian, will fall not with a bang but with a whisper, a puff of smoke...It may well happen sooner than one thinks. God Bless England!


Blogger Dr.D said...

I have hoped in vain for action from the Queen on so many fronts. She seems to see her role simply as keeping up appearances. In fairness, we have to admit, she is 81 years old, not an age when most folks want to start taking on major problems. But for that very reason, we might hope that she would see that she has little to lose and everything to gain. At this point, I don't have a lot of hope in action from the Queen.

11:38 AM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

England, gone with a whimper and in our lifetimes. I wonder why the "royal" family would have cared about Diana having a Muslim child - 1/2 brother to the next King. I wonder if the mullahs sit and wonder exactly how easy it has all been - to overthrow of the West... Must make for some interesting conversation...

11:55 AM  

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