Tuesday, November 27, 2007

How insulting can a Teddy Bear be? Get real!

Well, if you needed another example why Islam/Sharia Law is not compatible with Western Culture, Western Civilization, or Western Democracy and our assorted freedoms, here's another one for you, British teacher held over prophet 'insult'. First, just how insulting can a cuddly Teddy Bear be? They are cute, warm, cuddly, and keep children "safe" at night as bed-buddies unlike some pedophiles we could name but won't. And, just how insecure can a "leader" be, a dead one at that if a woman has to be beaten over the harmless incident? Of course, she is a woman so we know her position under Sharia Law. Next to 'honor killings', what's a little caning, right? And deportation - that'd be my first choice... In the Sudan, no surprise, a British teacher is held possibly to face lashes, a fine, and deportation. Why? Because the students in her class, Muslim and non-Muslim alike, named a Teddy Bear, Muhammad. And this insults the prophet, how? "Muhammad" and all its 14 spellings is fast becoming the most popular name for Muslim boys in Merry Ole Englandistan. The rule in accordance with Sharia Law is that "for devout Muslims, any physical depiction of Muhammad is blasphemous and strictly forbidden." Fine... But how in God's green earth is a teddy bear a depiction of a 7th Century man revered by some as a prophet? But so, by some form of demented "logic" one concludes that a teddy bear is a depiction of such a person,... Then I submit that no one should be named Muhammad because in the strictest sense, arguably, that boy becomes a "physical depiction" of Muhammad - peace be upon his sword-wielding self. It could even been seen as an act of arrogance to name a son after the leader of the 'religion of peace'. [Forgive me, Lord.] Now, really. With all the very bad press Muhammad and his band of merry psychopathic killers - variously known as Islamic jihadists, Islamists, radical Islamic terrorists, and on goes the litany - have been getting recently, you'd think a little good PR with tenderness and generosity would be a good thing. Maybe put a softer, gentler side on it. But no... Candidly, what is wrong with naming a teddy bear Muhammad? Couldn't that be like naming the bear after one's best friend such as Susie or Frank, or Joseph, Moses, Aaron, Samuel, Daniel, etc? Where are those Danish cartoonists when you need them?


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