Tuesday, November 27, 2007

America - on the road to anarchy?

Bruce Fein has another excellent commentary, Can the Republic survive?. My answer - in a word, NO. If a Democrat gets into the White House on January 20, 2009, NO - our Republic will not survive. We will morph into a short-cut between Mexico and Canada and American citizens will be caught in the middle with passports to no where. Let me refer you to the American Freedom Agenda organization. Also to Mr. Fein's recent commentary, Renouncing empire. Can we get back to sanity and can we end "signing statements" that negate the legislation, good or bad, that is passed by Congress and signed into law by the Executive? Can we save our nation from the North American Union or is it already too late? Note: I don't support all of the tenets of the American Freedom Agenda but we have to start someplace at regaining our national sovereignty and controlling both the Executive, Legislative, and Judicial Branches of our democratic republic and somehow force them to deal with their enumerated "powers", leaving the States alone. Congress has used the Commerce Clause to get its nose into every facet of our lives. And in my perfect world, the first department I'd close would be the Department of Education.


Blogger Dr.D said...

I'm with you, Beach Girl, both with regard to supporting some but not all of the points of the American Freedom Agenda and also the urgent need to wipe out the Department of Education (or is it HEW?). This is most certainly constitutionally beyond the competence of the feds.

Our government has grown way too big, and a large part of this has come about through the income tax. By taking large sums of money, the feds then have lots of money to dole out and they can distribute or withhold to those who dance to their tune. If they were never allowed to take that excess money, if he money remained in the community, then the community could spend the money as it saw fit without federal interference.

2:27 PM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

Dr., if we don't get our nation back, we don't deserve the nation our Founding Fathers crafted. It takes an educated citizenry and that is fading fast. Those of us who are marginally up-to-date are going to depart through attrition.

My Left Coast Operative tells me the schools in California, once the van guard are now in the toilet.

I fear our constitution is viewed by our "leaders" - the copy of which they keep in their breast pockets - is a charming little bit of archival info. What were our Founding Fathers thinking anyway - we're caving on our freedoms, willingly being bought by the highest bidder or perhaps - in this election - the "affirmative action" candidate, a woman anatomically.

Being 1/2 white and 1/2 black, and probably a Muslim apostate, I don't consider Barack Obama as a minority candidate, but that's me. He has had the benefit of life with white grandparents who placed him in very exclusive academic settings. I'm really not sure how he "identifies with the so-called black experience" in America today.

No, Barack's running a campaign and Clinton, the Lesser, is doing something. From what I've read, she has a really nasty side and my regret is that she won't have a long primary to slug it out with the men. She could not endure a long primary contest. Just couldn't without having a John Dean moment. So, by cutting the primary short, she just might get the dems nod. But wouldn't it be ever so much fun to see her come in third in Iowa?

4:19 PM  

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