Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Middle East Peace Chat - 'Honor Killing' in Annapolis

Frank Gaffney, Jr. has it right again in his commentary on the euphemistically called "Middle East peace talks" being held in Annapolis today. See Gang rape in Annapolis. In reading Gaffney's commentary, I was struck by the similarities between the precarious position of the Israeli people and the citizens of the United States of America currently being invaded. We are told that on the Cross, Jesus said, "Father, forgive them for they know not what they do." Good words and possibly true. In our case as in the case of Israel, the leaders, our leaders, know exactly what they are doing with NAFTA, the North American Union, and the SPP treasonous highway. In both cases, the goal is the destruction of a sovereign peoples. How sad; how tragic... For Israel, I shout "Not one inch of land and on giving over Jerusalem, "Hell, no!" I wonder if Olmert, when he's not reeling from the "cluster foxtrot" of the "Alice in Wonderland" world swirling around him, will have moments of feeling like the innocent girl, played by Jody Foster, in the movie, The Accused. Yes, gang-rape in Annapolis, indeed. Shame on Secretary Condoleezz Rice. Shame on all of us...for letting it happen.


Blogger cloudwalker said...

The concept of “us” and “them” is almost out-dated. If our interests existed independently of those of
others, then it would be possible to have a complete winner and a complete loser, but since in reality we all depend on one another, our interests and those of
others are very interconnected, and gain a hundred percent victory is impossible. Without this approach, reconciliation is impossible.
Peace to All!!!
Gino Barcal

9:42 PM  

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