Friday, October 26, 2007

Holyland Foundation catches a break?

Well, it seems that the Holyland foundation has caught a break. Hope we the people will be that lucky. The commentary that I want to direct you to is by Cal Thomas, Unholyland foundation. We need an absolute and immediate crack-down of all Saudi-funded mosques and schools within the United States. Arguably, they are "terrorist" training camps with a twist. Here's Cal Thomas' excellent suggestion: "Condition the approval of every Islamic school and mosque in the United States on the construction of Christian and Jewish schools and houses of worship in Muslim countries. That would stop them dead in their tracks because the freedoms we offer here, which they want to destroy, are not offerred there in a religiously intolerant and politically totalitarian environment." Just to state my view more clearly, every Saudi-funded school and mosque within the United States and even within our "strongest" allies, must be disbanded and closed down. Period. Out of curiosity, if you saw the foundation of your nation being eroded one spect at a time due to a magliant tyranny that mutates itself to meet its need to destroy the 'host', what would you do? What would you recommend?


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