Sunday, November 25, 2007

Najistani's contribution to Islam Awareness Week

From Najistani in Britainistan heralds the coming end of England, Great Britain; but for my post I wear the mantle of "racist PIG!" conferred upon me no doubt by a practitioner of the "religion of peace." Always happens when one speaks the truth. This Islam Awareness Week in Britain is not to be confused with the Islamofascism Awareness being conducted across the United States where freedom of speech is still hanging on by its lacerated fingertips and students are getting more than one point of view. I don't know Najistani but I say, keep the comments heading this way to the good old U. S. of A. for as long as she may stand and after as well when we might be squashed like a bug under the yoke of the North American Union, if we are not able to stop it. {Anyone remember when Mexico was Latin America or Central America? Well now, it is considered under the listing of North America. When are we going to populate Mexico? Oh, that's right. Hard to own land there if you are a gringo.] Back to, back to... ~~~~~~~~~ Here in Britainistan we're coming to the end of the lavishly petrodollar-funded ISLAM AWARENESS WEEK, with the 'Religion of Peace' message being proclaimed throughout our schools and colleges. Every British child now knows that 'Islam means Peace' and that Muslims cannot possibly have carried out the terrorist attacks for which they've been blamed, and they're bringing home the glossy booklets to prove it to their bigoted Islamophobic parents. Allah Akhbar!!!! So as my own humble underfunded contribution to Islam Awareness Week, I've compiled a list of Islamically Aware blogs which allow unrestricted comments and are active as of 24-NOV-2007 . Let us go forth and share Islam Awareness throughout the blogosphere!!! American Jihad Archbishop Cranmer A Tangled Web Baldheaded Geek Barnsley BFB WWIII Boycott Islam Citizen Warrior 2 Covenant Zone Covert Tactics Culturism News Dizzy Fat Plonka Edgar 1981 English Rose, UK Fiery-spirited Zionist Firebase America Fortress Australia Fulham Reactionary Goat's Barnyard God help Britain Infidel Blogger's Alliance Illustrated Pig I support the resistance Islamic Danger John of Gwent The New Crusade Kirklee's Resistance Lancaster & Morecambe - BNP Liberty Planet Lionheart UK Masada 1234 Mosque Watch Oleh Musings Nationalism in our Time of Need Nationalist Blog Neo-Command Center Newport City No Burqua No Dhimmitude Pedestrian Infidel Conservative Beach Girl Freedom Fighter's Journal Scottish, British, and Proud Simon Darby Spartan Spectator Sultan Knish The Buckshotter The Doctor44 Up Pompeii Worcestershire Nationalist Western Defence When Worlds Collide Yid with a Lid Central News Zion Truth ~~~~~~~~~~~ I asked Najistani in a post to give me the links in html format, easier for me. I'll convert these as time permits.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Islamic child abuse - evil from the lowest cesspool in hell

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