Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Clarence Page on Crimes of ordinary hate

Clarence Page has an excellent commentary today, Crimes of ordinary hate, in which a lone protester, Shane Johnson, "a social worker by day and a blogger on the side" supports the prosecution of hate crimes but believes that Mr. Sharpton defines "hate" too narrowly and restricts "hate" crimes to those of black-on-white or most especially white-on-black crime. White-on-black crime is extremely rare. I have the same question in so many words as Mr. Johnson - hate crimes are hate crimes but what makes a black-on-black crime any less "hate-filled". The case in the editorial is very telling. Have you even heard of it through the Mainstream Media or the champions of "hate crimes" prosecution if the perpetrator may be "white". I should clarify and define "white" here as "non-Hispanic white" which is what all "white" folks in these United States have now become. Seems we all have to be tagged with some term other than Americans even as our census folks define most Hispanic descent folks as "white". Check out the disclaimer in the World Factbook. This classification system is why the "white" population is now at 81%...
white 81.7%, black 12.9%, Asian 4.2%, Amerindian and Alaska native 1%, native Hawaiian and other Pacific islander 0.2% (2003 est.) NOTE: a separate listing for Hispanic is not included because the US Census Bureau considers Hispanic to mean a person of Latin American descent (including persons of Cuban, Mexican, or Puerto Rican origin) living in the US who may be of any race or ethnic group (white, black, Asian, etc.)
This is the hate crime not worthy of note by the MSM or the attention of Mr. Sharpton:
Mr. Sharpton wants tough federal prosecution of hate-related crimes like the noose hangings. Fine, says Mr. Johnson. But Mr. Johnson also asks why national black leaders have paid so little attention to a more recent campaign in the black netroots: the beating and rape of a 35-year-old Haitian woman and the beating and sexual assault of her 12-year-old son by up to 10 assailants in West Palm Beach, Fla. In June, armed attackers broke into her apartment in Dunbar Village, a public housing development, allegedly to retaliate for the woman's complaints about their noise and litter. They repeatedly raped and sodomized her and forced her to perform oral sex on her son, according to a grand jury indictment. They also poured household chemicals on the victim's eyes and threatened to set them on fire, say police and news reports. Was that a “hate” crime? It certainly wasn't about love.
Mr. Johnson asks quite correctly:
”Why is it that we can make bold statements of outrage about a few nooses,” Mr. Johnson said. “But not about this 35-year-old woman who is trying to make a life for herself and her son in Florida?”
A good question especially in that no one was injured in the "hanging nooses" episode in Jena, La., except for a white youth who was beaten by six black youth. Mr. Page's editorial poses solid questions for the black "leaders", some of whom are clearly self-styled "race-baiters" and have a rather tawdry beginning. Page's editorial deserves to be read and black leaders owe him and the black community answers...not to mention the answers they owe to our American community-at-large.


Anonymous Tara said...

I haven't heard of it from MSM or "hate crime" champions but I haven't seen in on blogs that wouldnt be described as MSM or "hate crime" champions either.

"conservative" blogs, "conservative" media have been silent as well. Expect when picking up Shane Johnson and Clarence Page's view of the story. Which is criticizing (and rightfully so) "Black leaders".

4:34 PM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

Tara, thank you. You might be interested in reading Collision Course:The Strange Convergence of Affirmative Action and Immigration Policy in America.

I know it is off topic but it is another example in which black Americans have been unjustly treated by their self-styled "leaders". The book is written by Hugh Davis Graham. I found it not an easy read but very informative.

If you find this story any place that we might consider MSM, please get back to me. Thanks. Have a good and a very safe Thanksgiving...

6:11 PM  

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