Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Condi's Folly and other Israeli Sorrows

Looks like the "shuttle diplomacy" is turning around and all the principals are travelling to the United States. In the area of "peace in the Middle East" at the cost of Israel's security, I do not understand why American presidents seem to think it is their responsibilty to bring peace to the Middle East. As I understand it, Russia had a far greater hand in the establishment of Israel back in 1947/1948 and today, Russia is busy supporting "unrest" in the Middle East. Why isn't Russia at the table? Why isn't the UN involved - God forgive me for even suggesting that. But Bruce Fein has an editorial/commentary piece, Renouncing empire, that needs to be revisited with regard to the "job" of the United States in what seems to me to be a Messianic drive to "establish the world in our image". I know these words will come back to haunt me but there are times when we need to be concerned about the safety of our own nation. World War I and II were "world" wars and did engage us. But why have United States presidents in the past 20 to 30 years or so considered "brokering peace in the Middle East", read Israel giving up its sovereignty or opening its citizens to attack, a major part of their "legacy"? There will be no "peace" in the Middle East except through decisive acts of strength on the part of the Israelis. Period. The only thing understood and respected in the Middle East is power, decisive power and a willingness to protect one's nation. Mideast summit plans include Saudis, news article by Nicholas Kralev reporting from Israel. Staticidal zealotry by Frank Gaffney, Jr. Brokering Mideast Peace by Tulin Daloglu From my reading and such, it is my understanding that throughout the Middle East - with the exception of Israel perhaps - "peace talks" are seen as appeasement and provide time for the enemies of Israel to regroup and rebuild their strength. Israel must keep what it has of the West Bank and Jerusalem. Of course, I am not Israeli and I don't live in their shoes; perhaps the "peace talks" give the Israelis time as well to defend their nation and also time to let the rest of the world see the emptiness of such talks. Plus, a trip to Annapolis is a good boon-doggle... ~~~~~ For more about what Israel as well as other Western nations are facing, I recommend two books: Judith Miller's God has Ninety-nine Names, Reporting from a Militant Middle East Jed Babbin's In the words of our enemies


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