Saturday, October 13, 2007

U. S. Foreign Aid? How much? To whom?

I spent some time yesterday trying to find out how much money the United States "actually" gave to other countries and especially Islamic Republics in the form of protection money and I was unsuccessful. I found how 74% of the 150 nations to whom we give tax dollars vote against us at the United Nations. I read that more money pours out of the United States into Mexico from generally illegal aliens/Mexican nationals living here than all of our foreign aid combined to all 150 nations. I learned that we also divide up the money among agencies to administer the "give aways" and that we also couch the funds as military, humanitarian, non-humanitarian and such so that it is like playing a shell game to find out exactly how much money we give in foreign aid. I also found that "we" receive foreign aid but I could not find out from whom or for what. Perhaps as missionary aid to spread the enlightenment of other "religions". So, I decided I really had not found the right sources of information. The list of what I found goes on but the fact is I did not find the right references. I can also posit that when it comes to domestic give-aways, the Dems and RINOs can buy votes and do much better at buying votes (keeping folks dependent) upon the government than does the United States in buying votes at the UN. So, since more votes could be bought at home than we are buying at the UN, why not keep more of the money home? Arguably, grants to NGOs and others could also fall into the category of "foreign aid." Complex issue to me. Help in finding the correct references would be appreciated. Thanks...


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