Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Spreading Capitalism and Fighting Internet Jihadis too!

What a fun time! That is if you don't count the folks who want to destroy Western Civilization both those here at home and those "creaming" Europe in a game of Islamists 20, Brits -2 but skads of points for the fearless Danes! No quiero Taco Bell - I call the little dog, Dinky. Banned in the United States because of the sensibilities of illegals from Mexico and a very few misdirected Americans of Hispanic descent who probably missed The Jeffersons, All in the Family, and Chico and the Man, Dinky is championing Taco Bell in Mexico. If our government won't stop illegal immigration, then let's send those transfats south. Go, Dinky, go! Blogs target jihadis online - What a great part of the war against Islamofascists. All ya need is pajamas, a steaming cup of coffee, and a keyboard. R.I. Lesbians sue to get a 'divorce' - Regarding "alternative" lifestyles, I've always contended that the homosexual folks were marched a pawns like lambs to the slaughter by the divorce lawyers who have found divorce among heterosexuals dwindling or just got greedy and were looking for a new market where they could feed on human misery. Wouldn't a good "power of attorney" be so much simpler and let keep your money and assets out of the hands of the money-grubbers? Raids net 1,313 gang members, illegals - The relentlessly good journalist, Jerry Seper, reports on the tireless work of ICE agents to protect our streets from the likes of MS-13 and other thugs. I believe the Department of Homeland Security generally is a frightening and dangerous, anti-American, new world order entity busy building that fence one torturous inch at a time but maybe Julie L. Myers and her men and women in ICE are getting their job done. Let's hope its more than just "for show". To the men and women who risk their lives to protect us, Ooh rah! The same God? by Cal Thomas - As Thomas remarks, President Bush has done back-flips to pander to Islamist leaders in the United States who are working to undermine our nation, institute the theocracy of Sharia Law, and generally destroy us. Now, it seems the president says we all pray to the same God. If that is true, then how come "we" are the infidels? God must be pathologically deranged, a sociopath of gargantuan proportions, or amazed at our human hubris. Somebody must have been absent the day they taught John 3:16 in Sunday School. Hmmm...


Blogger Dr.D said...

Bush is showing his willingness to play the fool when he says that all religions pray to the same God. This is (im)pure politics and nothing more. The sad part is, he seems to thing that someone believes him when he is fooling no one other than himself. How sad! And he make us all look bad and weak as well. He is a real failure!

11:34 PM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

Dr. D, if it is the same God, we are in trouble. Just a few words in the Koran clarify the issue and make it very clear that we infidels are to be killed, taxed, and held in dhimmitude by the Muslims. I tend to take the Koran and the rantings of Mad Jad and other muslim leaders as what they really intend to do. Although the Koran says that muslims are to lie to infidels to advance the glories of Islam, it seems these folks have reached the stage where lieing is no longer necessary.

Can one imagine if we told muslims what we were going to do to them? Wow!

6:38 AM  

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