Thursday, October 11, 2007

Tax the dollars being sent to Mexico - redux

Yesterday, I discussed my little plan for taxing dollars sent to Mexico with my Left Coast Operative who just happens to be located near swarming beehives of illegal Mexicans. By the way, have received two very good responses and will post them when I complete a few errands today. Also, a great response from Najistani as a follow-up - will post her comment as a comment and as a post. Now, my Left Coast Operative informed me of the following scenario. Hypothetical of course because no major bank would perpetrate such fraud, right? Suppose you have a MAJOR bank with branches in the United States and in Mexico. The bank is readily accessible to Mexican illegals especially and even offers introductory lessons provided by a Spanish-speaking employee to offer a class to the Mexican illegals in the joys and ease of banking in America. No more money orders; mucho easier to send money to Mexico and avoid taxes or anything else except of course the bank's fees hidden or otherwise. It is estimated that 16 billion dollars flow to Mexico every year from legals and mostly illegals working in America. Defrauding the American people is Mexico's second hightest money "grow" industry. The Mexican illegal opens a bank account in the branch of the bank operating in America under presumably American law. The family member in Mexico opens an account in a branch of the same bank operating in Mexico. The Mexican illegal simply transfers funds from the American bank to the Mexican bank. Let's just accept that most of the money being put into the account in America is cash - untraceable to any employer in America. Has the bank broken any banking laws? Has the bank perpetrated fraud or some crime against American citizens? The bank has certainly helped rob us of tax dollars and most likely those transfers are well below the $10,000.00 limit for which you and I have the IRS notified if we give that amount to a relative, etc. The more I learn about the undermining of our nation by institutions that operate here, the more disgusted I get. I could name this one bank but you know which one it is and they probably all act in some manner to defraud the American tax payer. All for the Yankee dollar! Oh, gee! I forgot this is the North American Union. Won't the flag be purty? I wonder when hard-working Americans are going to figure out that the entire system will collapse if and when they should decide to just stop working and supporting it? Of course, the system can and most probably will collapse upon us by sheer weight if we don't make some changes but our politicians simply don't seem to have the will and as Neil Boortz says, to paraphrase - once the number of tax payers goes below the number of people feeding on welfare, we will have no hope of changing the tax code. But back to this bank issue - Al Capone was gotten on tax evasion. Any way to get the bank CEO, et al, for aiding in tax evasion or some such crime?


Blogger falcon_01 said...

This makes me sick just thinking about it... as do all the traitorous actions of the multitude acting against us.

sheesh, the amount of taxes we pay to support the illegals is already frightening! They're just adding more and more on top of the tax-burden that you and I and every other citizen get to make up.

Well, on the bright side, as we have lost sustainability as a nation, in a relatively short amount of time (shorter with Hillarycare) there won't be anyone left alive to pay taxes!

2:40 PM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

Falcon - it is so much worse. Vicente Fox said breaking us with unsustainable debt was his plan with Bush all along. Can't believe it!

9:05 AM  
Anonymous Luther von Ruckerson said...

Ah, yes...the old "multitude against us" "us" I assume you mean good middle class white people?

The dominance of white people on the continent of North America is a tiny aberration in the history of human population of this continent. And guess what? It isn't going to last much longer. Be afraid, whitey, be very afraid.

Go back to the beach, little girl. And don't forget the sunblock, because you are genetically unfit for survival without it.

5:45 PM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

Well, Luther, short for Satan I suppose, at least I'll be able to learn Spanish. Stay the heck off my blog. It's too good for you and your hatred.

"Be afraid, whitey, be very afraid". Ah, Luther, spoken like a true racist and no I'm not afraid, just wondering who will pay your welfare check to you - my you are a hate-filled soul. Feeling a little inferior, are you?

7:35 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Very well put Beach Girl. It's has nothing to do with race, it has to do with being an "Illegal Alien" and stealing my tax dollars. They illegally move to America and have 12 kids because it's against their religion to use birth control, but since their baby was born here they are automatically qualified to get their "Illegal Mother" Food Stamps and Welfare. that could be put towards our kids getting a better education, or fixing our country issues with homeless and hunger.

3:47 PM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

Unhappy, yes, and there is another issue with the citizenship thing. Other nations send the mother with babe in arms back to the mother's nation of origin. When the child reachs the age of "maturity", then the child can choose the one nation he wants to be a citizen of, not dual citizenship, etc. They do not automatically become citizens of the nation where they are born and bring the entire extended family into that nation. Germany is an example. Long story about a friend of mine who is German by birth, and her son had a choice when he reached age of majority which nation to become a citizen of. We have interpreted that citizenship amendment incorrectly for a long time. Part of it has to do with who has control over the person. In the case of a child/baby, it is the parents who are legally under the controlling authority of the nation of which they are citizens. So, send them back with baby in arms. Let baby be brought up with extended family in parents native country and allow child to decide HIS citizenship, not theirs, when he reaches the age of majority.

6:55 PM  

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